Kerry ADMITS to MSNBC Environmentalist Agenda Too ‘Tricky’ for Investment

July 13th, 2023 11:08 AM

Kerry to MSNBC: Environmentalist Agenda Too ‘Tricky’ for Investment “Climate Envoy” John Kerry spouted more eco-extremist nonsense in his trip to the UK, this time to the lefties at MSNBC.

Kerry, in his propaganda-filled interview on Ana Cabrera Reports at MSNBC, alleged that “the science” is indicating that “the heat is greater than it has ever been before.” Kerry ludicrously claimed that because of this, the world needs to ”ïnvest in the new technologies” and deploy “trillions of dollars” to the climate extremist cause. Making matters worse, MSNBC host Ana Cabrera lamented that Kerry’s wildly pricey plans haven’t been put in place yet. Insane!



“We have to now summon more people to the table all around the world to invest in the new technologies to begin to help nations that are not responsible for this crisis, who don’t have power, even, but who are deeply impacted by it,” Kerry added in his typical extremist fashion. Kerry later said that he had briefed Biden on how to best funnel those trillions of dollars into the private sector. 

If Kerry got anything right in this nutty interview, it is that the people who would be giving up their hard-earned money for this extremist policy are reluctant to make those investments. Cabrera asked, “What’s preventing those trillions of dollars from trickling into the solutions right now?” In response, Kerry admitted that “there are tricky components of making sure that you have taken the risk away from these investments.”

However, in an apparent solution to his admission, Kerry simply fear-mongered about greenhouse gasses. He claimed that when the world uses fossil fuels as it has for centuries, “it's warming the planet, increasingly more and more, and more dangerously.”

Kerry’s position is so extreme that not even all the other “climate envoys” agree with him. British climate envoy Grant Shapps, according to Fox News, stated that a “transition” away from fossil fuels “doesn't just happen overnight.” “In fact, it's idiotic to suggest you can” transition overnight, Shapps said.

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