Huffington Post Business Praises Hillary, to Bash Corporations Over ‘Diversity’

May 26th, 2016 4:59 PM

Huffington Post Business seized the opportunity to bash companies in an article about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and diversity.

Huffington Post Executive Editor for Business and Technology Emily Peck’s May 24 story focused on Clinton’s decision to appoint Bernard Coleman as her “chief diversity officer” last year. But rather than simply praise Clinton, Peck leapt at the opportunity to accuse corporate America of being both racist and sexist.

“Hillary Clinton Solved A Problem Corporate America Can’t Seem to Fix. Well done,” the headline declared.

Peck cited data that 30 percent of Clinton’s staff are non-caucasian and 52 percent are women.

While she admitted that “hiring a chief diversity officer is a tactic straight out of corporate America’s playbook,” her article insisted Clinton’s efforts have “far surpassed the business world in diversity.” What a shocking revelation. It's not as though Clinton is driven by a political agenda and the need for “votes from people of color.”

She criticized the corporate world for being “remarkably homogenous — particularly at the highest levels” and lamented the small number of black CEOs. Peck mentioned that Billy Dexter of Heidrick & Struggles declared that diversity should be “a business imperative” that makes “hiring diverse people as important as hitting profit goals.” According to Dexter, “If corporate America wanted to do this, they could.”

Ironically, Liz Heron, Executive Editor of The Huffington Post, recently posted a picture on Twitter of herself in a meeting with her fellow editors — who were all white and female. While attempting to brag that the liberal media outlet was definitely not sexist, Heron’s picture caused a Twitter firestorm over its lack of racial diversity.