Bloomberg Spending on Dems Rocketing Toward $100 Million

Former mayor Michael Bloomberg promised in June he’d spend $80 million on Democrats in an attempt to “flip the House” this November.

Now Axios, says he’s already surpassed that number and is heading toward $100 million.

The plan: Half of that will go to women candidates, a Bloomberg adviser told me. As this fall’s blue wave strengthens, the adviser said: ‘We want to take a Category 3 storm and turn it into a Cat 5’,” Axios reported on Sept. 27.

Axios also noted that Bloomberg is “eyeing a 2020 presidential run as a Democrat.”

The former Republican turned Independent holds a host of liberal views including gun control, immigration, abortion and climate change claimed he would only support candidates who share his “moderate political orientation.”

Money isn’t Bloomberg’s only means of influence. After all, he has an entire media conglomerate at his disposal, as president, CEO, and owner of the Bloomberg L.P, which boasts “more than 2,430 news and multimedia professionals at 146 bureaus in 73 countries.”

But even $100 million will leave him behind California Tom Steyer’s overall midterm spending. Steyer has committed $120 million to turn out the vote efforts, combined with his Need to Impeach effort and NextGen America organization.

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