WATCH: CNN Hacks Can’t Stop Treating Americans Like Idiots On the Economy

June 27th, 2024 11:38 AM

CNN drooled over the news that 16 leftist “Nobel” economists came out swinging in a letter against President Donald Trump’s economic agenda, labeling it as  — wait for it — an “inflation” threat. The network left out key context that blew up the supposed experts’ credibility.

CNN co-anchor Kate Bolduan joined forces with Bidenomics flunky and CNN Reporter Matt Egan to make sure the 16 economists’ anti-Trump mudslinging was spread far and wide during the June 26 edition of CNN News Central

With his signature smirk, Egan bleated that the economists were warning that “Trump’s policies wouldn’t just fail to fix inflation. It would actually make matters worse.”

Forget the already enormous damage President Joe Biden’s spending policies did to stimulate the inflation crisis, right Egan? He proceeded to elevate the rambling of the cohort led by liberal economist Joseph Stiglitz, whom Egan said was arguing that Trump would “‘reignite inflation.’ They point to what they describe as ‘fiscally irresponsible budgets.’” 

Even in the face of the economic nightmare Americans have been living under Biden for the past three years, does CNN really think Americans are that stupid? Egan even decried how polling showed Americans’ were putting a vast amount of more trust in Trump than Biden on economic issues, “despite the fact that some of these leading economists are warning that the Trump agenda could actually make inflation worse.” The network might as well have just prefaced the entire segment with a condescending, “Attention, idiots!”

Oh, dear, where to begin? Egan and Bolduan failed to point out that at least 11 of the 16 economists, including Stiglitz himself, were among the same collective of brilliant minds (sarcasm) who signed a letter in September 2021 openly endorsing Biden’s asinine $1.9 trillion stimulus that juiced America’s inflation crisis to a 40-year high disaster in the first place.

“The American economy appears set for a robust recovery in part due to active government interventions over the past year and a half, including President Biden’s American Rescue Plan,” the 2021 letter praised. 

If that wasn’t telling enough, the letter even audaciously claimed that Biden’s “agenda invests in long-term economic capacity and will enhance the ability of more Americans to participate productively in the economy, it will ease longer-term inflationary pressures.” Yes, you read that right. [Emphasis added.]

But that’s not all. CNN also didn’t bother mentioning that one of the signatories is married to Biden’s own Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who was just interviewed by Yahoo! Finance blaming Trump for the economic catastrophe her boss helped bring about. 

Also conveniently missing from CNN’s gaslighting was — as Fox News pointed out Wednesday —  that a number of the 2024 letter’s signatories — including Stiglitz — were Biden donors. 

Anyone with a functioning prefrontal cortex would understand that being a donor to any political candidate exposes an inherent bias that comprises any modicum of objectivity. For goodness’ sake! The economists even outright asserted in their letter that “we all agree that Joe Biden’s economic agenda is vastly superior to Donald Trump’s.” Oh, really? Is that why Egan reported in an article on published the same day as his on-air appearance that “Even wealthy Americans are struggling to make ends meet” in Biden’s economy? 

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