TERRIFYING! Soros Org President Urged ‘Hamas Must Be a Party’ to Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations

November 10th, 2023 3:19 PM

One of leftist billionaire George Soros’ chief henchmen clamored for Israel to employ diplomatic solutions in its conflict with Hamas after the latter’s genocidal Oct. 7 attacks on the Jewish state.

Open Society Foundations president Lord Mark Malloch-Brown joined BBC Newsnight on Nov. 7 to give his organization’s position on the conflict, patronizing Israel on how it should deal with its attackers. His take was nothing short of ridiculous. Malloch-Brown claimed that there were “several other ways” of neutralizing the Hamas terrorists “rather than just — you know — beating the last one to the ground.” He lectured Israel, advocating that the country instead take a carrots-and-sticks approach to dealing with the terrorists: “You’ve got to use both the tools of diplomacy and military action but not compromise on the basic point that Israel must be guaranteed its security.” He even had the audacity to lecture that the reason why Palestinian military leadership repeatedly returns after being “taken out of the region” was because of the “absence of a two-state solution.” Utter nonsense.

However, Malloch-Brown’s position makes slightly more sense when recalling George Soros’ own writing in a 2007 Financial Times op-ed, where Soros ridiculously stated that the United States and Israel “must open the door to Hamas.” Malloch-Brown was apparently just channeling his boss’s anti-Israel sentiments and regurgitating them on live TV. In fact, Malloch-Brown himself previously expressed similar views when he was in the U.K. parliament. In 2007, Malloch-Brown outrageously called for Hamas to have a seat at the negotiating table before the House of Lords:

The line has been drawn at formal political contacts at a time when Hamas refuses to recognise a sovereign member-state nation of the United Nations, Israel. However, I think that everyone agrees that while that political recognition must be withheld, in terms of negotiations with Hamas at the formal political level, contacts are vital. Over time, they must grow into full political contacts because, ultimately, Hamas must be a party to a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian problem, [emphasis added].

Absolutely horrific. No wonder Malloch-Brown was tapped to lead Soros’ multibillion-dollar empire in 2020. Their extremist views on Hamas are practically parallel.

If that’s not bad enough, MRC also exposed how Malloch-Brown’s organization has been funding pro-Hamas groups for years, including those that directly celebrated the carnage Hamas unleashed on Israel Oct. 7. In fact, OSF wouldn’t even release a statement on its “Newsroom” webpage condemning Hamas until nearly a month after the attack. 

OSF even promoted Malloch-Brown’s absurdity in a “Newsroom” item headlined, “Mark Malloch-Brown Reiterates Call for Humanitarian Ceasefire.” 

National Review  Senior political correspondent Jim Geraghty explained in an Oct. 31 piece why those who take ludicrous positions like Malloch-Brown are neck-deep in a cesspool of ignorance. “When you run around deliberately slaughtering infants, toddlers, schoolkids, parents, and grandparents, you can’t make your perspective any clearer. Hamas does not want peace, and it will not cease violent attacks on Israel as long as it exists.”

Hamas’s own founding charter from 1988 exposes the true aim of the radical Islamist extremist group that has sought the eradication of the state of Israel for decades on religious fundamentalist grounds. “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it,” the terrorist group wrote in its charter. In other words, Hamas's pre-existing, maniacal obsession with the annihilation of Israel precludes any notion of diplomacy that Malloch-Brown is calling for. BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire, to her credit, challenged Malloch-Brown’s views by saying Israel believes the only way it can gain security is for  Hamas to “no longer exist.” But Malloch-Brown just doubled down, telling Israel “not to give in to blind rage” and to “find a solution to this which employs not just a military approach but, as I’ve said, a diplomatic one as well.” 

Hamas’s attacks have resulted in at least 1,400 Israelis killed, compounded by the terrorists brutally raping women and kidnapping the elderly and taking at least 240 hostages into Gaza. This is not out of character for the terror group. The United States Institute for Peace noted that “[s]ince its creation in December 1987, Hamas has invoked militant interpretations of Islam to spearhead a Sunni extremist movement committed to destroying Israel.”  

Rule of thumb: Israel can’t negotiate with terrorists who don’t believe it even has the right to exist. But for the Soros lackeys at OSF, doing anything to push an agenda that’s advantageous to Hamas and detrimental to Israel appears to be the goal.

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