George Soros’ Open Society Foundations Plays Dumb on Funding Radical Pro-Hamas Groups

November 7th, 2023 5:37 PM

Leftist billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations finally released a statement condemning Hamas’ hellish attacks on Israel nearly three-and-a-half weeks after the Oct. 7 massacre. However, it did so while trying to make believe that the fortune it funneled into groups championing Hamas' barbarism didn’t exist.

The OSF Fact Sheet, “The Open Society Foundations in Israel and Palestine,” which supplemented the organization's Nov. 1 press release on Hamas, attempted to equivocate the conflict involving the Jewish state and the terrorist organization as a territorial dispute between Israel and “Occupied Palestinian Territories.” OSF flexed its decades-long bona fides of “proudly support[ing] efforts” to “contain escalating violence between state and non-state actors on both sides.” OSF had the audacity to claim that “[a]ll the groups we support are committed to nonviolence and adhere to the principle that human rights and safety should be enjoyed by Israelis and Palestinians alike, both currently and in whatever political solution eventually emerges in the region.” But this statement is demonstrably false. [Emphasis added.]

The MRC has shown that OSF has given to numerous pro-Hamas groups. The sordid list includes, but is not limited to: Al-Shabaka, the Middle East Children’s Alliance, the Palestinian Institute for Public Diplomacy and Dream Defenders, among others. Not only that, but Soros himself even called for the United States and Israel to embrace Hamas.

Two questions arise: Why would OSF feel the need to release a statement three and a half weeks after the Oct. 7 massacre? And why would it attempt to undercut its own record of funding pro-Hamas organizations? 

MRC Business Vice President Dan Schneider said in a statement that this has everything to do with OSF positioning itself ahead of the 2024 U.S. presidential election.

“Alex and George Soros are playing the same card that the left always does: They say one thing while doing something else,” Schneider rebuked. “Their money is still backing the radical pro-Hamas organizations that seek the destruction of Israel, but their words are communicating something different. They’re creating a narrative specifically for left-wing activists to understand they’ve got to publicly back off of these radical pro-Hamas statements as we approach the 2024 presidential election just one year away.”

Schneider analyzed how Biden’s poll numbers “have tanked — Democrats generally are in trouble because of the far-left’s radical pro-Hamas statements denigrating the state of Israel.” He continued: “You’re going to see more and more hard-left people, politicians and organizations publicly pulling back while continuing behind the scenes to pursue a radical anti-Israel agenda. This is all about winning the 2024 race so they could continue to radicalize the world.” 

MRC Business released bombshell reports exposing Soros’ history of funding pro-Hamas groups for years after the terrorist organization launched its genocidal attacks on the state of Israel Oct. 7, 2023. MRC was also the first to resurface Soros’ 2007 op-ed that revealed his disdain for both the U.S. and Israel: “America and Israel Must Open the Door to Hamas.” 

MRC President Brent Bozell and MRC Business Vice President Dan Schneider even personally sent a letter to George Soros and his son Alex detailing radical statements by pro-Hamas groups OSF has funded over the years. Bozell and Schneider specifically called on the organization publicly to denounce these groups for supporting what Hamas did on Oct. 7 and put its money where its mouth is instead of in the coffers of organizations that support anti-Semitic terrorism. 

The Soros-funded Al-Shabaka, for example, put out a statement following Hamas’s invasion celebrating how “[b]reaching” the “boundaries” of Israel’s borders “expands the Palestinian imaginary for possibilities of both resistance and collective freedom.” Al-Shabaka got $550,000 from Soros between 2017 and 2021 alone. The Middle East Children’s Alliance, which got $700,000 from Soros between 2017 and 2020, was apparently tickled pink over Hamas’ atrocities: “TODAY! We are witnessing the people of Gaza rising up to respond to decades of Israeli settler colonial violence.” The Soros-funded Dream Defenders justified the Hamas terrorist attacks in an Oct. 7 post by blaming Israel: “As ever, we stand with the Palestinian people fighting for freedom from apartheid.” Dream Defenders got at least $1,850,000 from Soros between 2017 and 2021. 

The New York Post, following MRC’s exposés, reported that Soros doled out at least $15 million to groups that supported Hamas’s attacks on Israel. Members of two of Soros-funded, pro-Hamas hate groups, Jewish Voice for Peace and If Not Now, were reportedly “among the protestors who converged on the US Capitol complex Oct. 18.” As the NY Post reported, another Soros-funded group, the Arab American Association of New York, “helped plan a hate-filled ‘Flood Brooklyn for Palestine’ protest in Bay Ridge on Oct. 21, where protestors called for the eradication of Israel and held a sign of the Israeli flag in a trash basket that read ‘Please keep the world clean!’” But according to OSF, its grantees supposedly “adhere to the principle that human rights and safety should be enjoyed by Israelis and Palestinians alike.” What a joke.

The Hamas attacks on Oct. 7 resulted in at least 1,400 people killed, including children. Hundreds more were violently taken hostage to Gaza. OSF’s press release condemning Hamas was also apparently the first statement published on OSF’s “Newsroom” page in roughly three-and-a-half weeks since the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel that even addressed the conflict. Alex Soros posted a Haaretz op-ed on X the same day the OSF statement was released explicitly refuting the notion that Israel’s military offensive in Gaza constituted “genocide.” “This needed to be said: Israel Is NOT Committing Genocide in Gaza - Opinion -,” Alex proclaimed in his caption. But OSF’s actions clearly don’t back up its or its own chairman's words.

MRC Business reached out to Open Society Foundations for comment but received no response as of the publication of this article.

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