Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Donated $3 Million to Gavin Newsom’s Anti-Recall Effort

May 21st, 2021 11:02 AM

The Netflix CEO who promoted the pedophilic film Cuties has reportedly given millions of dollars to help far-left California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) stave off recall efforts.

Newsom’s anti-recall campaign received a $3 million donation “from Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings,” according to Fox News. The contribution was reportedly “the Stop The Republican Recall committee’s largest donation to date, according to Politico.” In addition, Fox News reported: “A February filing showed Hastings also donated $32,400 and $29,600 to Newsom’s campaign. Hastings’ wife donated identical amounts.”

But Hastings wasn’t the only big-name donor propping up Newsom’s political machine. “Newsom has received other big-name donations from celebrities like filmmaker J.J. Abrams; San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York and billionaire couple Stewart and Lynda Resnick,” Fox News reported.

Fox News also outlined that Newsom is currently enjoying an advantage over his competitors because no finance limits have been placed on his defense campaign:

Newsom, who is expected to face a recall vote in the fall due to an effort started by Republicans and others who criticized his coronavirus restrictions, has an advantage over his challengers in that state law allows him to raise unlimited amounts of money. Conversely, his challengers are limited to $32,400 in their direct accounts because of campaign laws.

The fact that Newsom’s anti-recall effort is connected to Hastings was eye-opening, given the fire that Netflix has come under for streaming a movie that sexualized children. The Netflix film Cuties featured “[f]emale breast nudity of a minor during an erotic dance scene and lengthy and excessive closeup shots of breast, bums and spread crotches of scantily clad 11-year-old girls during numerous sexualized dance routines."

In a joint letter in 2020, the attorneys general for Ohio, Louisiana, Texas and Florida called on Hastings to cease streaming Cuties on its platform. The letter stated that the film “‘whets the appetites of those who wish to harm our children in the most unimaginable ways,’” as reported by Hastings reportedly defended the disgusting film in October, calling it a “coming-of-age” story, according to The Federalist.

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