Harry’s Shaves Off Michael Knowles After Twitter Account With Two Followers Complains

March 23rd, 2021 12:11 PM

Shaving company Harry’s appears to have taken the complaints of a Twitter user with only two followers seriously when shaving off its professional relationship with a conservative personality.

A Twitter account named Avi Das (@flyingsodacan1) — created in December 2020 — trigger-tweeted at Harry’s whining about its sponsorship of The Daily Wire host Michael Knowles. The account bleated, “@harrys is sponsoring Michael Knowles. The same @michaeljknowles who is spreading homophobic and transphobic content. He had Joesph [sic] Nicolosi jr as a guest on his show and equates being trans to having schizophrenia. It is wrong that Harry’s or anyone sponsors this vile content.” The Avi Das account only had two followers at the time of the response.

Harry’s, apparently trying to save face, responded 12 days later to the account in what appeared to be an official statement of policy, actually canceling its sponsorship of Knowles:

Thanks for bringing this up. We condemn the views in this video, which are inexcusable & at odds with our longtime support of the LGBTQ+ community. We've ended our relationship with this show & are looking into our sponsorships to prevent any values misalignment going forward.



That ridiculous Harry's tweet earned the company a massive ratio, generating over 3,000 comments and only 300 likes. The Avi Das account’s original tweet was also ratioed.

Media Research Center Vice President of Free Speech America Dan Gainor responded to Harry’s on Twitter by noting that the Avi Das account originally only had two followers:


You responded to a 2 follower phony account, not to a customer.



Avi Das responded to Gainor, trying to convince the Twitter-verse that the account was real and managed by a “customer.” The account also ironically complained about being canceled after it tried to get Harry’s to cancel Knowles: “Hey so I am a customer. @harrys shaving cream is to die for. Anyways keep trying to #cancel Harry’s and I.” 



In another tweet, the Avi Das account played the victim card by flailing at Twitter critics trying to cancel a “high schooler”: “Omg y’all are so musty for trying to #cancel a high schooler. Like y’all are mad for me making a customer complaint on Twitter.” The profile picture on both the Twitter account and the LinkedIn account embedded on the account’s profile were vague. The Avi Das Twitter bio included the account user’s preferred pronouns and other information: “They/Them. International Relations/Global Studies Major. Political Junkie. Internet Deep Diver.” [Emphasis added.]

MRC Business reached out to Harry’s for comment March 22 on whether it was company policy to sever its professional relationships based on random Twitter complaints. MRC Business also asked if Harry’s knew whether the Avi Das account was fake when it responded to the account on Twitter. Harry’s has provided no response as of the publication of the article.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact Harry’s at 888-212-6855 and hold it to account for canceling its relationship with Michael Knowles based on a two-follower Twitter account’s complaint.