Outlets Praise Gates’ $1 Billion Gender Equality Pledge, Ignore Abortion Funding

October 4th, 2019 11:06 AM

Liberal billionaire and Planned Parenthood financier Melinda Gates has pledged $1 billion to support “gender equality,” and the liberal media is eating it up.

The philanthropist wife of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates stated that “over the next ten years, I am committing $1 billion to expanding women’s power and influence in the United States,” according to Time magazine on October 2.

Gates’s goals, reported Time, included “dismantling the barriers to women’s professional advancement,” and “mobilizing shareholders, consumers, and employees to amplify external pressure on companies and organizations in need of reform.” Several media outlets ignored that Bill and Melinda Gates are also prominent financiers of Planned Parenthood.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given $81,009,329 to Planned Parenthood and its affiliates from 2009 and before to 2018, according to records taken from the foundation's website. Gates has also been quoted supporting population control via expanded access to contraceptives: “it only takes one generation for them to be fully uptake, and for them to see the birthrate decline.”

CNN drooled over the announcement Oct. 2, and propagandized that “It'll take more than 200 years before gender equality is a reality in the US. That's why Melinda Gates is doing something about it.” They touted her concern that she will wake “up one morning to find that the country has moved on. That the media has stopped reporting on systemic inequalities.”

It’s a wonder how Gates is actually concerned the liberal media will not continue to harp one of their favorite talking points. For example, CNN published an op-ed Sept. 17, that said “Gender inequality is one of the most persistent evils of our times.”

CNN wasn’t alone in its agenda-riddled reporting on the development. Barron’s Magazine hailed Gates Oct. 2, as “a champion of women’s rights around the world.” Also, Business Insider parroted Gates Oct. 2: “Melinda Gates is afraid that Americans will forget about gender inequality.”

Reuters also praised the philanthropist in an Oct. 2, article headlined “Kept awake by worries, Melinda Gates pledges $1 billion to women's rights.”

None of these outlets mentioned her connection to the abortion industry or her recent statements of support for population control.

In June, The Daily Wire reported Melinda’s championing of population control in an interview with David Letterman. She said:

“‘Here’s how we know [change] is possible; in every country in the world where you’re given access to modern contraceptives, it only takes one generation for them to be fully uptake, and for them to see the birthrate decline,’ she said. ‘And once they have consistent access, women will use it, and what they’ll also do is they’ll do it covertly without their husband knowing it.’”