WATCH: Environmental, Social, Governance Standards and the Radical Left’s Anti-American Agenda

October 5th, 2022 4:47 PM

Many of the biggest and baddest companies in the United States have signed on to a far-left, radical agenda under pressure from the anti-American environmental, social and governance — or ESG — movement. 

Jeffrey Clark ESG standards are a new, powerful form of cancel culture. Investment giants like BlackRock use ESG standards to push companies to adopt the left’s radical agenda on a whole host of issues. A company’s green footprint (“E), offerings like abortion travel benefits (“S”) and the diversity of a company’s board (“G) are all just a part of the left’s new attack on freedom in America and around the world.

But the ESG movement doesn’t just threaten companies on the Fortune 500 list. It also puts regular people at risk. 

ESG opponent and Strive Asset Management co-founder Vivek Ramaswamy put it this way: 

“If you’re an everyday citizen, you might be at risk of losing your job or putting food on the dinner table if you don’t bend the knee to that new orthodoxy. That’s where you get to this place where we can’t even talk about these issues in the open because you have an economic sword that’s ultimately hanging over your head if you defect from the main orthodoxy.”

In this video, we explore what ESG standards are, discuss why they’re dangerous and explain what states and individuals are doing to fight back against the anti-American and divisive ESG movement. 

We must speak out against the ESG movement. If not, we risk the leviathan: the fusion of big government and big business.

Conservatives are under attack. Individuals can act too. Vote with your feet and with your cash. You can also contact your state and federal representatives and demand they take action and push back against the woke ESG movement.