GOP's Big Idea: Let's Not Have a Wave Election

October 9th, 2014 7:02 PM

On Monday, The Washington Times reported on the Homeland Security Inspector General's finding that detention facilities for illegal border-crossers are teeming with diseases because the guests don't know how to take medicine or use toilets. By Tuesday, there were more than 1,000 comments.

That's a lot of comments. Articles on ISIS usually get between five and 100 comments.

True, a month ago, a CNN poll reported that 90 percent of Americans said they believed ISIS was a direct threat to the United States. What else could they say? You'd feel awfully silly if you told a CNN pollster ISIS wasn't a threat and, the next day, the group set off a bomb in Times Square. 

When it comes to what Americans are angry enough about to post more than a thousand comments, there's only one issue. It's immigration.

But the Republican leadership won't touch it. Their consultants have kids who are going to need college tuition, and the donor class wants cheap labor.

So instead, the big thinkers of the party give us the same soporifics a 5-year-old could produce. In Karl Rove's recent Wall Street Journal piece announcing the main issues Republicans needed to raise to win back the Senate, he listed tax cuts, regulatory reform, spending restraint, the Keystone pipeline and national defense ... zzzzzzzz.

Anything missing? Maybe something that would produce 1,173 comments on a single article in The Washington Times?

Here's a representative sample of the comments:

-- Defiant1: All the more reason why they should not be in the US; these illegal alien lawbreakers need to be deported immediately; I am tired of paying for this human garbage.

Sorry, girls, Defiant1 is married.

-- Erminilildo Zegna: After the demographic shift, this will be "the people."

Is it just me, or would anybody else pay good money to see Jeb Bush debate Erminilildo Zegna?

-- lysosome: And that is the kind of "progress" we get from the so-called "progressives" (leftists). It's all about equality -- equal misery for all (except the elitist leftists that run things, they are more equal than the rest of us).

Can't we vote for one of the commenters?

There was also this helpful post explaining the bathroom "unfamiliarity" problem:

-- Richard: You fail to understand the actual problem with bathrooms and a lot of illegal immigrants. If it was only an issue getting them to wash after defecating that wouldn't be a big deal. First, you have to get them to defecate in the toilet. Then you have to get them to wipe. Then you have to get them to leave the TP in the toilet and not the trashcan. A lot of these people come from places where there is no running water. The whole bathroom thing is totally foreign to them.

After a self-righteous complaint about the phrase "human garbage," dozens of commenters leapt to the defense of the person who had used it:

-- WeimMom:I used to be one of those who touted, "They just want a better life." I long ago gave up that mentality as they have stolen millions from Americans. Illegals come into a major retailer where I work, buy carts full of groceries with WIC & Food Stamps, off to a money center sending thousands of dollars home every weekend! They hate us and are responsible for the sour taste in the mouth of millions of Americans!

I've got a girl crush on WeimMom and I don't care who knows it.

-- caligirl:I have seen a latino with 5 kids and one in the oven ring up $1,400 worth of junk. Bottled water, chips, junk food. You are correct. They are garbage and sucking the U.S. dry.

I'm not very tech savvy -- how do I forward this comment to Marco Rubio?

Someone bleating about "little kids" crossing the border got these replies:

-- Lucy: They aren't all "little kids" by a long shot!

-- Attm Motob: Especially the 25 year old little kids. Even more especially the MS-13 members.

-- Leftcoastrocky: In your world, 25 year olds are probably still little kids.

When did you realize you're racists, Lucy, Attm Motob and Leftcoastrocky?

-- SWohio: You don't have an iota of sympathy for the children who have died from sitting next to diseased invaders, nor for the children who will die, and those who are permanently paralyzed mean nothing whatsoever to you.We all know now what liberals and democrats care about and we will be responding to your attacks on Americans in November.

How does Vice President SWohio sound to you, young feller?

It is a mark of how utterly useless the national Republican committees are that roughly half the comments questioned whether Republicans would be any better on immigration than the Democrats. Any party that is incapable of capitalizing on this justified rage about our country being overrun with illegal aliens doesn't deserve a Senate majority.

Unfortunately, the rest of us don't deserve what will happen if Republicans don't get one. 

The Republican leadership has got to choose between their voters and their donors. They can't have both -- at least as long as the donors keep big-footing the conservative base on immigration. No amount of money in the world is going to help a candidate who's allowed to sell only crap.