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Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis. His career at the MRC began in February 1989 as associate editor of MediaWatch, the monthly newsletter of the MRC before the Internet era.

Graham is co-author with MRC president Brent Bozell of the books Collusion: How the Media Stole the 2012 Election and How To Prevent It From Happening Again in 2016 (2013) and Whitewash: What The Media Won’t Tell You About Hillary Clinton, But Conservatives Will (2007). He is also the author of the book Pattern of Deception: The Media's Role in the Clinton Presidency (1996).

Graham is a regular talk-radio and television spokesman for the MRC and has made television appearances on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and the Fox Business Channel. His articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, National Review, and other publications.

Graham left the MRC to serve in 2001and 2002 as White House Correspondent for World, a national weekly Christian news magazine. He returned in 2003. Before joining the MRC, Graham served as press secretary for the campaign of U.S. Rep. Jack Buechner (R-Mo.) in 1988, and in 1987, he served as editor of Organization Trends, a monthly newsletter on philanthropy and politics by the Washington-based Capital Research Center.

Graham is a native of Viroqua, Wisconsin and graduated from Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota. 

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On Sunday, NPR host Michel Martin interviewed Maroon 5 keyboardist P.J. Morton on his solo record and a song that “caught my ear” called “Religion.” The lyrics included: “I don't think I like your religion. Don't always make the best decisions. Not saying you don't have good intentions. I know that you are only human.” Of course, this song was about evangelicals and Donald Trump, and somehow, Trump and his fans were comparable to religious backers of slavery.

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan unleashed a personal attack on Fox News host Howard Kurtz in a Sunday book review at the most transparent “Pot, meet kettle” level of criticism. She attacked Kurtz as an insincere creature of Fox News, and as a tool of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway. Carlson’s opener is laughable, claiming there is no such thing as the media warring on President Trump. It's a "false premise" and Kurtz "knows it's not true."

Americans were used to stories about how Barack Obama drew standing ovations in every country he visited. So it was a bit surprising to see this Jerusalem Post headline: “Pence Speech Rife with Biblical References Rocks the Knesset….VP Pence’s Biblical speech to Knesset met with multiple standing ovations.” The New York Times spin was dramatically different. They couldn't even mention the ovations on that day, only the Pence visit being boycotted by Arab Christians.

Ian Schwartz at Real Clear Politics found hot talk about President Trump being a racist insect on the debut of the new Van Jones show on CNN Saturday night. Jones asked the rapper Jay-Z about the allegation that Trump talked about immigrants from "s---hole countries" (and Jones said the word again on CNN). Jay-Z called that not only "hurtful," but "misinformed," because "these places have beautiful people and beautiful everything."

The Hollywood Left flew to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival (and its homegrown Women’s March) with a small item of regret on its agenda. Just last year, they had put on their pink knit hats and marched for women’s rights with one of the most visible figures at Sundance...Harvey Weinstein.  How to handle this embarrassment? National Public Radio ran a short “Harvey who?” soundbite from Sundance founder Robert Redford.

PBS removed Charlie Rose from the air after The Washington Post threw the book at him for sexual misconduct. But it appears they succeeded in maintaining the channel’s late-night leftism by replacing him with rebroacasts of Christiane Amanpour’s talk show on CNN International. On January 18, she hailed “renowned Russian-American journalist Masha Gessen" to announce that Sen. Jeff Flake was "absolutely right" to compare President Trump to mass-murdering Joseph Stalin.

On his Fox show on Monday, Tucker Carlson fought back against MSNBC AM Joy host Joy Reid for suggesting on Saturday that he's a "white nationalist" and an immigration hypocrite, since he had a great-great-grandfather who came to America from Switzerland in 1860. Leftist freelancer Jessica Mendelsohn said "our friend" Tucker shouldn't complain about immigration from "failing countries" and neither should anyone else. Carlson said the genealogy was "irrelevant" to his policy views, and attacked Reid as a champion race-baiter.

Michael Calderone at Politico is reporting on the new book by Fox News Mediabuzz host Howard Kurtz titled Media Madness: Donald Trump, the Press, and the War Over the Truth. "I have always believed in the mission of aggressive reporting and holding politicians accountable," he writes, "But the past two years have radicalized me. I am increasingly troubled by how many of my colleagues have decided to abandon any semblance of fairness out of a conviction that they must save the country from Trump."

The Democrats blinked in the first round of the government-shutdown fight over immigration, but they promise to regroup and fight again for illegal immigrants who came to America as minors. The Democrats call them “Dreamers,” and so the “Facts First” media employ that loaded propaganda term as well. 

On Tuesday, The Washington Post held a series of panel discussions and aired live video around the theme "Americans & The Media: Sorting Fact from Fake News." In one segment, Post political reporter Dan Balz talked to PBS NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff and Fox Special Report host Bret Baier. Woodruff lamented "an entire industry" that is ripping the media that "holds democracy together." 

Taxpayer-supported radio and TV showed the same pattern as the commercial TV newscasts, devoting more attention to the feminist Left than to the pro-life conservatives. From Friday through Sunday, NPR's newscasts devoted 10 minutes and five seconds to the annual March for Life. But the second annual Women's March and a celebration of abortion activists before Roe vs. Wade drew 53 minutes and 52 seconds, more than five times as much attention. Similarly, the PBS NewsHour offered almost five times as much coverage to the liberal marches. 

On Monday morning, The Right Scoop offered an instructive quick study of CNN's journalistic intensity on protests it loves and supports versus protests it hates, comparing the network's official tweets on the Women's March vs. the March for Life, on the CNN Breaking News account (@CNNBrk) and the official @CNN account. They did not include duplicate tweets from CNN on the Women’s March, but only on the unique tweets on each Twitter account for each event. Together, it was a disparity of 28 to 2.

The satirists at Saturday Night Live love to paint Eric Trump as so dumb he probably eats paint chips (or Tide pods?) Alex Griswold at the Washington Free Beacon found some fake news emanating from the Washington Post, as they desperately wanted to mock Eric as a silly silver-spoon baby who worries about his retirement savings. The Post‘s Christopher Ingraham "reported" on the "Wonkblog" some remarks Eric Trump supposedly made on Hannity: "I just opened up my 401(k), I haven't looked at in a year. It's up by 35 percent. I didn't think retirement was possible," the Post misquoted Trump as saying about himself. 

Since 1973, liberal feminists have celebrated the “right to choose abortion” without admitting the horror – over 60 million lives violently and prematurely ended since the Supreme Court ruled in Roe vs. Wade. The liberals who champion abortion are far more comfortable panicking that abortion “rights” are always in danger, especially when Republicans control Washington.So it’s not surprising that a hot trend among novelists is feminist themes, like imagining the terror of abortions banned. 

CNN is beginning to look like it can’t abide paying a CNN contributor for pro-Trump analysis. Ed Martin, the Missouri GOP official who replaced Jeffrey Lord as the channel’s die-hard Trump analyst, was dumped on Thursday after a brief four-month stint. "CNN terminated me today for cause," Martin said in an emailed response to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Thursday night. "Strange since they told me my ratings were great."

Your taxpayer-supported news producers at PBS and NPR are presenting their latest poll and pronouncing Trump’s first year flopped with the voters: 53 percent said Year One was a failure, while 45 percent picked Success.  

But break down the numbers by party, and the division is predictable: 87 percent of Democrats pronounced Trump a failure, and 87 percent of Republicans checked the success box. Among independents, it was 50 percent failure, 41 percent success, nine percent unsure.

Naturally, NPR didn’t go anywhere near breaking down the parties. Anchor David Greene and political analyst Domenico Montanaro underlined Bad News:

An anonymous expose on the site Babe.net against Netflix star Aziz Ansari for a night of creepy first-date sex brought aof leftists out in Ansari’s defense. The highest-profile attack on Ansari’s accuser came from HLN host Ashleigh Banfield, who lamented this woman seeking a “public conviction” with a “career-ending sentence.” The highest-profile rebuttal came Wednesday night from TBS comedian Samantha Bee, who played a clip of Banfield and shot back: “A lot of people are worried about Aziz’s career, which no one is trying to end, because again, we know the difference between a rapist, a workplace harasser, and an Aziz Ansari."

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and CNN host Brian Stelter claim to hate Fake News, but each keeps promoting the original News Faker, disgraced former CBS anchor Dan Rather. On Monday night, Maddow invited Rather to discuss Trump and how he golfed on Martin Luther King Day. But first, she cued up Rather to denounce Trump's alleged "s---hole" remarks, and Rather typically compared Trump to another of his nemeses, Richard Nixon.

As we approach the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, it is painfully obvious that our “news” providers are a highly agitated brigade of the “Resistance.” A new Media Research Center study finds that from January 20 through December 30, 2017, the network evening news shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC were overwhelmingly hostile in both content and tone. 

Apparently, bringing on fake conservative David Brooks on the PBS NewsHour on Friday night for a fake debate ("I agree with Mark Shields and the liberal consensus") isn't enough fun. On Monday night, NewsHour anchor Judy Woodruff interviewed former Bush aide Peter Wehner as the David Brooks Stand-In, and he made Brooks look mild-mannered. Not only is President Trump a racist, but so are his supporters, said the so-called “lifelong conservative.”