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Nick grew up in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. He graduated from Binghamton University in 2013 with a degree in Political Science. While at Binghamton he served as the Speaker of the Student Assembly and wrote for the Binghamton Review, where his love for journalism started. After graduating, he interned at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity where he worked with Watchdog Arena. Between the months of September and December, he can be found every Sunday cheering on his New York J! E! T! S! Jets Jets Jets!

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"Out of patience," Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has decided to "disqualify" and "defeat" challenger Bernie Sanders by going after his record on guns, CNN reported last night. And -- coincidence? -- the liberal media has mobilized to aid Hillary Clinton in finally finishing off Senator Bernie Sanders once and for all, targeting his record on guns. 

The anti-Ted Cruz bias was as sharp as a cheddar-cheesehead on Morning Joe Tuesday. The pundits on MSNBC’s morning show hit a new low by criticizing how he speaks and insinuating it’s scaring his two little girls. “I mean, we’ve heard him read a child’s fairy tale. I mean my god. I don't know how those kids sleep,” slammed panelist Nicolle Wallace.

Monday morning was met with news that two GOP Senators, Jerry Moran of Kansas and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who originally said they would support holding hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland had changed their minds over the weekend. The panelist on Morning Joe were not too happy about this development especially co-host Mika Brzezinski: “They just vomited all over themselves. I’m serious. Just a mess. The entire Republican party.” 

Fake Republican and Senior editor for the Atlantic David Frum shared a dire warning for the Republican Party with Andrea Mitchell on Friday. “[Donald Trump] went to the Republican National Committee to deliver a pretty clear threat, If I'm denied this nomination, I will burn this party down,” Frum claimed, trying to fear monger the party into nominating Trump. 

It was the pot calling the kettle black on Morning Joe Tuesday. Joe Scarborough was up in arms over President Obama’s criticism of the media for not reporting the way he would like. Scarborough called Obama out for opting for more friendly news outlets that provided the “easiest questions and he would be speaking to his audience directly.” But the fact is Morning Joe had their own softball interview with the President. 

Even though there is very little evidence that the National Enquirer story about Senator Ted Cruz, sleeping with five women while married, is true, that has not stopped some from reveling in the effect it will have on his campaign. “Someone like Ted Cruz I would like to see him fall, personally. He's not a good guy,” co-host and "comedian" Michelle Collins asserted on Monday's The View.

The liberal media is known for ignoring facts to help push their narrative against conservatives. But rarely is it as egregious as what occurred on Morning Joe Thursday morning. During the seven o’clock hour co-host Mika Brzezinski reported on a set of polls, one of which was this Fox News poll, showing GOP front runner Donald Trump losing by double digits to Hillary Clinton. A few minutes later the entire panel was up-in-arms over the GOP not wanted to elect the candidate that could win, Trump. 

For most of Wednesday MSNBC anchors and commentators spent their time putting Donald Trump and Ted Cruz through the ringer for their positions on fighting ISIS, and taking on radical Islamic terrorism. They did this while praising Hillary for her in foreign policy experience and repeatedly declaring her “the adult in the room.”

Before the bodies of the victims of the ISIS terrorist attacks in Belgium were cold, an MSNBC terror analyst Evan Kohlmann declared that Belgium society was to blame for the death and destruction. “Why is it that Muslims and other immigrants in Belgian have such problem integrating with local society? Why is it that they do not feel like they are Belgian? Why is it that they are ghettoized into these communities?”

The knowledge that the terror attacks in Belgium were bombings didn’t stop Atlantic Washington editor Steve Clemons, who phoned into MSNBC on Tuesday morning, from criticizing Belgian gun policy: "It's so easy to access guns in Belgium than other of the major states in Europe, it's something that everybody knows here, that there is a black market, that there is an ease of getting guns here. As compared to many other parts of Europe.” 

Joe Scarborough may not have been on Friday’s Morning Joe, because his band was performing at SXSW but that didn’t stop the liberal bias from flowing. Everything from Republican Party bashing to Hillary Clinton-praising was out on display going into the weekend. Donny Deutsch, of Republicans for not meeting with Judge Merrick Garland: “The fact that they won't even walk into a room is appalling, is disgusting, and is pathetic.”

With President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee announcement, the liberal media rushed to label Judge Merrick Garland a moderate and hammer Senate Republicans as obstructionists. It was no different on Thursday’s Morning Joe. “From the get-go, the Republicans have been saying no before they even knew what it was the President was going to put out.” Said co-host Mika Brzezinski clearly agitated. “You see it know with the Supreme Court nominee. Again.

That’s it, the GOP primary is over and all the other campaigns can go home because Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, or so Morning Joe would have you believe. “And let me say that at 10 after the hour right here, Mika, the overwhelming odds have it that Donald Trump's going to win this thing outright.” Joe Scarborough said of the fate of the GOP primary cycle. 

After helping drive the Donald Trump clown car for nine months, Joe Scarborough was furious that the GOP primary ended up in the ditch Thursday morning. “They perform so poorly on-- This year on a fifth-grade level and constantly send one clown after another clown after another clown up on the national stage and tarnishes the Republican brand in the way that they have for years now.”  Meanwhile, Scarborough has had Trump on his show more than any other candidate by far, and has even praised Trump for his availability. 

The voting results from the latest "Super Tuesday" are in and Morning Joe wasted little time diving in and analyzing the results on Wednesday morning. Their conclusion? Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio needs to drop out right now, before the winner-take-all Sunshine State primary, and beg Donald Trump to be his vice presidential running mate.

During a conversation on Monday’s Morning Joe panelists Nicolle Wallace took issue with a more vocal anti- Donald Trump movement within the Republican Party. “There are legitimate anti-Trump movements, they are the candidacies of his opponents. And then there are illegitimate anti-Trump movements. I think to the degree the party bosses look like they’re are on the scale, those are completely illegitimate anti-Trump efforts.” Wallace argued. 

During a Friday afternoon interview with Hillary Clinton, CNBC’s John Harwood asked the presidential candidate about the current FBI investigation into her e-mail practices.  Clinton defended herself from allegations of misconduct stating “I've been the most transparent public official in modern times, as far as I know.” 

Mitt Romney’s address on Thursday didn’t sit well with Joe Scarborough and he let his audience know it Friday morning. “Dude, if you're going to get into the pool, jump in. You’re standing at the side. Jump in or go and put the towel on and go back in[side].” A harsh response to a man who is concerned about the state of his party and had something to say about it. 

This is the problem. You can't get real now. You can't start telling the truth now. And that's what everybody's doing.” So exclaimed Mika Brzezinski about the in-depth vetting Donald Trump is now receiving from his GOP opposition. The defense of Trump’s campaign was a prominent theme during Thursday’s edition of Morning Joe.

Megyn Kelly brought conservative writer Ben Shapiro onto The Kelly File Monday night to share his horrifying experience at the lefty California State University campus in Los Angeles, where a massive protest broke out in response to his speaking engagement.