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Nick grew up in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. He graduated from Binghamton University in 2013 with a degree in Political Science. While at Binghamton he served as the Speaker of the Student Assembly and wrote for the Binghamton Review, where his love for journalism started. After graduating, he interned at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity where he worked with Watchdog Arena. Between the months of September and December, he can be found every Sunday cheering on his New York J! E! T! S! Jets Jets Jets!

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Monday was an important date for the people of Flint Michigan. April 25 is the date two years ago when the city’s water source was switched to the Flint River and Comedy Central host Larry Wilmore commemorated the event by using his Nightly Show to imagine the best way to kill the state’s Republican governor: “What do you think should happen to Governor Snyder?” Before the guest could answer, Wilmore cut her off: “Let me put it a different way, which type of execution?”

It seems as though Chuck Todd and folks at NBC have had enough of Republican efforts to stop their beloved Donald Trump from getting the nomination. To kick off his political discussion Sunday on meet The Press Todd equated the Republican election cycle to the five stages of grief. Todd stated that the party had already gone through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression. And all that is left to do is for #NeverTrump to roll over and accept it. 

It’s rare for Charles Koch to do interviews with the media, so ABC and George Stephanopoulos did what they could to hype their exclusive interview on This Week on Sunday. And it didn’t matter what Koch said to reporter Jon Karl because Stephanopoulos bent it to mean whatever he wanted it mean. Even going as far as to say Koch would support Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and used it to help hype division in the Republican Party

With the recent firing of Curt Schilling from ESPN and the fight over North Carolina’s transgender bathroom ban still looming, many were shocked to hear Donald Trump’s liberal position on the issue that a person who considers themselves transgendered can use any bathroom they wish, not just the one corresponding with what is on their birth certificate. they rushed to label him a moderate. “Trump's comments appear to signal a more moderate shift and some are asking is it a sign of things to come,” speculated NBC’s Lester Holt.

Even though Hillary Clinton’s recent win in New York went a long way towards knocking Bernie Sanders out of the race the Vermont Socialist is still holding on. “But Bernie Sanders is hurting her now. And it's gone on a long time. And it's revealed just how much Democrats don't like Hillary Clinton,” stated Charles Hurt of The Washington Times on Special Report Wednesday evening. 

Typically the nightly comedy shows train their sights on Donald Trump when they want to rip into him, but on Tuesday night The Nightly Show’s sights strayed to his supporters. “He does not have anything in common with the people that actually are supporting him. This is a dude who grew up in a country club and somehow he magically speaks monster truck,” stated Franchesca Ramsey when asked who the best panderer in the race was. 

Both ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News chose to ignore the latest blow to ObamaCare. United Healthcare, one of the largest health insurers in the United States, has announced Tuesday that it will be pulling out of most of the ObamaCare insurance exchanges. The company cited the inability to persuade young people to sign on to insurance plans. Tuesday's CBS Evening News devoted 22 seconds to the development.

ABC decided to spend the final hours of the New York primary by continuing to hammer Senator Ted Cruz with his “New York Values” comment. “Far from the empire state today, Senator Ted Cruz, whose attack on New York values worked with Iowans, but tanked with New Yorkers,” stated Tom Llamas Tuesday evening just hours before New York primary polls closed. 

This is the Republican convention in the third district of Georgia, south and west of Atlanta, where many Donald Trump supporters say the fix was in, stated CNN reporter Gary Tuchman. Tuchman’s report came during Monday’s Anderson Cooper 360, where he was covering what happens during the election of state delegates. The report didn’t even try to be balanced and ultimately painted the process as shady and unethical. 

On Saturday, Senator Ted Cruz swept the state of Wyoming and captured all 14 of the state’s GOP delegates. But if you were watching the Sunday morning news briefs you probably would have missed it. What you would have learned is that Donald Trump is still calling the Republican election system rigged, Trump has a new nick name for Hillary Clinton, and John Kasich eats pickles in a weird way. NBC dedicated only one sentence to Cruz before moving on to talk about Trump’s chances of getting 1,237 delegates before the GOP convention.

“I think [Citizens United is] the worst -- one of the worst laws passed since I have been around … and so our job is to try and counter that in some way,” stated movie star and Democrat fundraiser George Clooney. Clooney appeared to be in blame shifting mode Sunday on Meet The Press, following a massive uproar after a highly exclusive fundraising event he held for Hillary Clinton in his L.A. home. 

Chris Matthews couldn’t help himself from stoking the flames of fear against firearms Thursday night after the contentious Democratic debate on CNN. “Everybody walks the streets afraid of getting knocked off. Let’s face it, there's still a lot of violence on the streets even in New York, which is pretty safe,” he exclaimed on MSNBC.

“You're not driving me into some ditch here, Chris,” stated John Kasich to Chris Matthews on Thursday evening, after being badgered with repeated questions about his position on gay marriage. Matthews started his interrogation by asking Kasich what he thought about the topic since, according to Matthews, there were a lot of Republicans in New York who are not socially conservative. Kasich responded by saying he believed in traditional marriage between a man and woman, but there needed to be a balance. 

Nothing can be more embarrassing for a reporter from upstate New York than not understanding the issue of hydraulic fracturing or fracking, one Albany reporter demonstrated that Wednesday on MSNBC.

With New York State’s presidential primaries finally having significance the national news outlets have descended onto the state in mass. To get a local’s perspective, MSNBC host Kate Snow sat down with WNYT reporter Asa Stackel to discuss the democratic candidates and major state issues. 

Did you know that Tuesday was “Equal Pay Day,” the day that a woman’s pay supposedly catches up to a man’s from the previous year? Well don’t worry, Andrea Mitchell has got you covered. Mitchell brought on Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney and Hollywood star Patricia Arquette to bemoan the plight of the oppressed and push their new congressional study.

Joe Scarborough spent Monday morning fanning the flames of fear that all the political mechanisms in America are "rigged." Some of Joe’s rants were dedicated to the Hillary e-mail probe and "super-delegates" on the Democratic side, as my colleague Mark Finkelstein wrote about. But when Joe set his sights on the Republican nomination process it was to boost the guy he has been “campaigning” for, Donald Trump.

With only a few months left in the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama is rushing to cement her legacy of “healthy living.” To aide in this endeavor NBC’s Al Roker joined her to help promote her nationwide garden tour. If his report Roker presented all of the good looking fluff and none of the ugly controversies on Friday’s Today. 

That’s it! Joe Scarborough has had it with the reporting coming from the media this election cycle. “All I’m asking for, and all I’ve been asking for, is just some straight reporting,” Scarborough pleaded with reporters across the country Thursday. “Don't let your hatred get in the way.” Say what? 

It’s official, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski finally stopped pretending they don’t support their buddy Donald Trump and are now opening campaigning for him. 

"Out of patience," Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has decided to "disqualify" and "defeat" challenger Bernie Sanders by going after his record on guns, CNN reported last night. And -- coincidence? -- the liberal media has mobilized to aid Hillary Clinton in finally finishing off Senator Bernie Sanders once and for all, targeting his record on guns.