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The mainstream media has resorted to attacking GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's husband Todd Palin.  At the bottom of the hour of Bill Press's radio show at 6am this morning, Press said the following:

PRESS: What's the difference between a secessionist and a terrorist? Isn't a secessionist just another form of a terrorist? Ask Abraham Lincoln...Let's find out what the "First Dude" was going to do in order to secede from the union. I tell you it wasn't going to be peaceful.

Has Bill Press lost it? The first glaring difference is Todd Palin never blew up innocent people or landmarks all over the country.  Comparing Todd Palin to Bill Ayers is just plain nonsense and disingenuous.

Mainstream media personalities are very much like politicians, as they can spout their views to a large audience and have an effect on public policy. However, unlike pols, media personalities are rarely called out on their own "flip-flops".

 This video clip shows examples of MSNBC's Chris Matthews changing his views on the importance of foreign policy experience. In 1991 Matthews, like many others in the media, were already eating their own words after witnessing the George H.W. Bush administration orchestrate the successful Gulf War.

Conceding the Bush administration was strong on foreign policy, the media began their own campaign emphasizing that foreign policy experience was not enough to be president of the United States. In order to prop up a virtually unknown young governor from Arkansas, media personalities like Chris Matthews said the following on CNN's Crossfire in 1991 (my emphasis throughout):

MATTHEWS: Pat you're dead right. The country is being run very effectively in terms of foreign policy by the Brady Bunch...Baker, Brady, Bush. They're great on foreign policy, but it used to be that politics ends at the water level... at the water's edge. Now it begins there. You're saying we should elect a president purely on foreign policy. The problem is the same crowd that so good at foreign policy...this Tory crowd you just listed, Baker, and Brady, and Bush also have an economic agenda which is to help the very elite.

MSNBC's David Shuster continued the attack on Governor Sarah Palin for not allowing reporters in on meetings she attended at the United Nations. Fellow Newsbuster Ken Shepherd pointed out recently the media never complained over not having full access to Barack Obama's meetings with foreign leaders during his tour through the Middle East and later Europe.

However, Shuster's attack included a very edited down tape of Palin and Dr. Henry Kissinger, which attempted to make Palin look like she knew little of what was being discussed. Moreover, Shuster seemed to take delight in pointing out Palin's spokeswoman misspelled Kissinger's last name(my emphasis added throughout):

She even answered a reporter, 'great, great', when asked how it went. Perhaps Kissinger and the governor also discussed Glastnost, because later in the day the campaign issued the following mini manifesto:

We regret the mix-up and were happy that the pool had access to the Governor's meetings with President Uribe and Dr. Henry Kissenger[sic.]

Incidentally, we here at MSNBC did not misspell Dr. Kissinger's name. That version came from Palin's gang.

Liberal radio host Randi Rhodes made some terribly odd assumptions about GOP vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin on September 12(my emphasis added throughout):

She's the woman that shows up at the kids' birthday party and starts opining about everything from politics to lawn care. This is the woman that knows it all...will shout you down...will get revenge on you. That's who she is. She's friends with all the teenage boys. You have to say no when your kids go, 'Can we sleep over the Palin's?'...'No!, No!'

Brian Maloney of The Radio Equalizer  initially found this terribly disturbing monologue of Rhodes. It is one thing for a liberal like Rhodes to critique conservative ideology. However, it is a whole other for a broadcaster to make such outlandish insinuations without any evidence whatsoever.

CNN Headline News' Showbiz Tonight host A.J. Hammer invited  HGTV host Lauren Lake and Extra's Carlos Diaz on to the program yesterday to discuss Oprah Winfrey's refusal to book Governor Sarah Palin on her show.

Both Hammer and Lake teamed up on Diaz and bombarded him with why it was not a political decision for Oprah to refuse Palin on her show while endorsing Obama.

HAMMER: Carlos, it’s the Oprah Winfrey Show. She said what she was going to do. She sets the plate, and she’s sticking with it, so I don’t really get what the problem is.

DIAZ: No I agree. I agree, but my point is it’s tough to back one candidate and then completely ignore the Republican Party. I know she’s sticking to her guns, but still.

HAMMER: So because she’s Oprah Winfrey, it’s almost like a different set of rules apply?

Hip Hop R&B artist Ne-Yo joined MTV VJ Lyndsey Rodrigues on TRL to co-host today.  Prior to performing, Ne-Yo was interviewed about a song on his new album titled "When You're Mad." Rodrigues asked the singer/song-writer the last time he was mad himself.

RODRIGUES: When's the last time you got fired up?

NE-YO: Last time I got fired up? know what got me mad? When I watched McCain's speech.  That got me mad.

RODRIGUES: I'm not going to get into it.

Rodrigues quickly steered away from politics and moved the show back to the music.  Perhaps after Russell Brand made his views known to the MTV audience, another onslaught of complaints was the last thing MTV wanted.

However, Brand gained more notoriety than ever since the Video Music Awards and has apparently been asked to return next year. Up and coming entertainers are not necessarily looking for friends but the bottom line.  It should be no surprise entertainers are  looking to throw political bombs now.

Ne-Yo may be looking to season his new album release with some political controversy, but after Brand's reprehensible behavior at the VMA's, Ne-Yo was not going to top that.  At least MTV was not going to let him.

Jacob Weisberg of, and a contributor at Newsweek, told David Schuster of MSNBC yesterday that President Reagan would be “rolling over in his grave” if he knew that Sarah Palin brought her unwed pregnant daughter on to the stage with the family at the Republican National Convention.

I was shocked to see her unmarried pregnant teenage daughter on stage with the Republican nominee. It seemed to me that Ronald Reagan would be rolling over in his grave if he saw the Republicans embracing unwed motherhood this way. And I think, really, the issue there is about the pro-life absolutism that has come to dominate the party.

The MTV Video Music Awards show was as predictable as watching Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews do their broadcast. Other than celebrating its 25th anniversary and giving Britney Spears a possible opportunity for a comeback, the program was chock full of insults towards conservatives by the show’s emcee, U.K. comedian Russell Brand.  As a former MTV staffer, I was surprised by the selection of such an obscure individual to emcee the program.

By the audience reaction, Brand knew he was considered a “nobody” here in the United States, so his immediate course of action was to go political to try and endear himself to the MTV audience:

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Since Sarah Palin was tapped as John McCain’s running mate, everything from her family to her hair to her glasses has been scrutinized. Today, CNN targeted her phonetics.

The network pointed out the word “nuclear” was spelled phonetically as “new-clear” in the text of her convention speech. While a camera shot caught the text of Palin’s speech in the prompter, CNN says the script handed out to the press still had the phonetically spelled out word in it.

It is not uncommon for broadcast writers to script words phonetically for talent.  In fact, news personalities are known to get angry at writers and producers who do not phonetically spell out words which are easy to fumble when reading a prompter during a live broadcast.  However, CNN portrayed the phonetically scripted word “new-clear” as a way Palin would spell the word herself.

 Seemingly anxious to connect the Alaskan governor’s pronunciation of the word to President Bush’s famously mocked pronunciation, CNN’s Jeanne Moos showed how Palin could not pronounce “nuclear” correctly either without a phonetic guide.  Anyone who reads a teleprompter needs a little help now and then. Just ask Larry King.

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After Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin gave her speech last night, MSNBC talking heads Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow gathered to discuss the VP candidate's remarks. Among the topics covered was Palin's religious background.

MATTHEWS: Is it true that she believes that God supports the war in Iraq? How does she know?

MADDOW: Was she sitting in the pew in her church in Wasilla two weeks ago when a speaker said that the Israelis deserve terrorist attacks, because Jews are unbelievers in Christ?

MADDOW: That was in the Politico today.  Jews for Jesus founder speaking at her church while she was there two weeks ago making incredibly, incredibly out of line comments about Israel and Jewish people. These are tough questions she'll have to answer.

MATTHEWS: Pro or con?

MADDOW: Saying that's why Israel was subject to terrorist attacks. It was God's judgment for not believing in Christ.

MATTHEWS: What's the source?


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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews charged GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as being a member of Alaska’s Independence party. Members of this party advocate to secede from the union and place all federally owned land under state control.

Even after Howard Fineman mentioned he received documentation from the McCain campaign showing Palin had been a registered Republican since 1982 and never a member of the Alaskan Independence party, Matthews continued to make the connection of Alaskan secessionist leader Joe Vogler to Palin.

Joe Vogler’s views are pefect media fodder to make Palin look fringy. It seems as if MSNBC and others are looking for their own William Ayers or Jeremiah Wright to pin on the McCain Palin campaign to scare away voters. Matthews quoted Vogler:

“I’m an Alaskan not an American. I’ve got no use for America or her damned institutions.”

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John McCain had yet to announce Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, when MSNBC began flashing a graphic of informational stats on Palin. These were her age, her 80% approval rating, and that she is “facing a state investigation.”

The graphic was continuously shown at different times during the broadcast, and the state investigation graphic remained without comment until later. The Washington Times reported on the investigation. According to the article:

…aides to the Alaska Governor say they welcome a prosecutor’s probe into whether her administration improperly sought the firing of a state trooper who had divorced the governor’s sister.

Mrs. Palin has denied any connection to the divorce. She said Mr. Monegan was being dismissed for not adequately filing state trooper vacancies and because, in her judgment, he “did not turn out to be a team player on budgeting issues.”

The Washington Times also points out that Palin offered her sister’s ex-husband a job at the Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, which he turned down.

NRO's Kurtz Meets the Calling Kossacks on Chicago radio

Also covered by Warner Todd Huston earlier today.

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Hudson Institute’s Stanley Kurtz was invited on to Milton Rosenberg’s radio show on Chicago’s WGN to discuss what Kurtz had discovered about the William Ayers-Barack Obama connection. After requesting the Justice Department bring about criminal charges to a billionaire who funded an ad that linked Obama to Ayers, the Obama campaign sent out an angry email to their supporters urging them to call into Rosenberg's show. Below is the text of the email :

Mainstream news anchors covering the Democratic National Convention are getting more impatient by the day as the McCain campaign broadcasts ads using Hillary Clinton's own words against Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

MSNBC anchorman Keith Olbermann was visibly annoyed not only with the Democrats' lack of counter-punches to the McCain campaign but also angry at the McCain campaign for "stealing" Hillary Clinton's primary campaign ads for the GOP senator's current ad campaign.

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Estranged family members come out of the strangest places when the lottery is won or someone has presidential aspirations. These quiet individuals find a sense of power never felt before in their lives when a blood relative hits it big or is about to hit it bigger.

In Barack Obama’s case, Vanity Fair reported on a half-brother who was recently discovered living in a small shack in Kenya. Obama’s relative lives on less than $1 a month.

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During an interview with Larry King, Bill Maher went on a diatribe about the stupidity of the American people, because he is dumbfounded by 2/3 of Americans who believe that offshore drilling will bring gas prices down. King, not realizing he was about to insult the average caller who phones into his show each evening along with the millions who watch him in his own audience, simply asked Maher if he agreed with essayist H.L. Menken who said, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”