Hip Hop Artist Ne-Yo To MTV's TRL Audience: McCain's Speech Made Me Mad

Hip Hop R&B artist Ne-Yo joined MTV VJ Lyndsey Rodrigues on TRL to co-host today.  Prior to performing, Ne-Yo was interviewed about a song on his new album titled "When You're Mad." Rodrigues asked the singer/song-writer the last time he was mad himself.

RODRIGUES: When's the last time you got fired up?

NE-YO: Last time I got fired up?...you know what got me mad? When I watched McCain's speech.  That got me mad.

RODRIGUES: I'm not going to get into it.

Rodrigues quickly steered away from politics and moved the show back to the music.  Perhaps after Russell Brand made his views known to the MTV audience, another onslaught of complaints was the last thing MTV wanted.

However, Brand gained more notoriety than ever since the Video Music Awards and has apparently been asked to return next year. Up and coming entertainers are not necessarily looking for friends but the bottom line.  It should be no surprise entertainers are  looking to throw political bombs now.

Ne-Yo may be looking to season his new album release with some political controversy, but after Brand's reprehensible behavior at the VMA's, Ne-Yo was not going to top that.  At least MTV was not going to let him.

Using the MTV platform for liberal views is not unusual.  Performers are reaching an entire generation of new voters.  Rock the Vote, for example, was nothing more than a bunch of leftist campaigns according to National Review in 2005. 

During the last presidential election, MTV had Vote or Die.  This was a campaign led by P.Diddy which evolved into "Obama or Die" this year says Hot Air's Ed Morrissey.

Ne-Yo may have been cut off from elaborating his point of view, but that won't stop him from going else where like P-Diddy demonstrated here.

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