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Jorge Bonilla is a conservatarian communicator, having proudly served in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, as a professional court interpreter, and as a former Republican candidate for Congress. However, the titles Jorge most cherishes are husband and father. Jorge, his wife Maggie and their two sons live in Central Florida.

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And behold, the Center for Medical Progress opened the fifth seal, and thus came forth the most horrific revelations to date in the ongoing Planned Parenthood scandal, with talk of “intact fetal cadavers”, “just another line item” and the most damning admissions of apparent illegality to date. And lo, Univision News has at long last seen fit to come off the sidelines, albeit with entirely predictable coverage. 

News of a third Planned Parenthood hidden-camera video - the most gruesome to date - exploded all over the Internet earlier this week (a fourth video was released this morning). But those who depend on Univision for their news coverage wouldn’t know that, because so far the story has been entirely blacked out of both its early evening and late night national newscasts. 

Confrontations between unauthorized immigrant protesters and presidential candidates are usually gold to the national Spanish-language networks. They typically serve to advance this media segment’s favored immigration narrative, as well as depict immigration dissidents as “anti-immigrant” or “insensitive.” 

Las confrontaciones de inmigrantes no-autorizados, manifestándose contra candidatos presidenciales, son como oro para las cadenas hispanoparlantes. Estas, típicamente sirven para avanzar la narrativa preferida por estos medios sobre inmigración, así como también para pintar a los disidentes sobre inmigración como “antiinmigrantes” o “insensibles.” 

La conductora de Univisión, María Elena Salinas, compareció recientemente en el programa de CNN, Reliable Sources, para conversar sobre Donald Trump, inmigración y acusaciones de parcialidad contra los conservadores. El resultado final es una pieza de teatro orwelliano político en tiempos recientes.

Univision anchor María Elena Salinas recently appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources in order to discuss Donald Trump, immigration, and accusations of bias against conservatives. The end result is one of the more brilliant pieces of Orwellian political performance art in recent memory.

Yasser Arafat era conocido por su doble discurso: le decía una cosa a sus seguidores en el Medio Oriente y otra a Occidente. El tono y volumen de los discursos de Arafat para sus seguidores era frecuentemente más beligerante que aquellos destinados al público occidental. 

Yasser Arafat was said to be notorious for double-talk: for saying one thing to his captive audience in the Middle East, and for saying another to the West. The tone and tenor of Arafat’s “home crowd” speeches were often typically more belligerent than those intended for Western consumption.

After watching anchor Jorge Ramos’ complete interview of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Fusion, I immediately began to speculate as to which parts would be left on the cutting room floor during its Sunday rebroadcast on Univision’s Al Punto. It didn’t take me long to find out that I was right.

Después de ver la entrevista completa de Jorge Ramos con el senador Ted Cruz (R-TX) en Fusión, inmediatamente comencé a especular sobre cuales pasajes serían excluidos para la retrasmisión en el programa dominical de Univisión, Al Punto. Casi de inmediato vi que tenía la razón. 

La escalada del conflicto entre Donald Trump y Univisión nos brinda un valioso vistazo respecto a como la cadena elabora narrativas convenientes a través de sus diferentes divisiones. En este caso particular, es una versión de alto perfil de algo que ya hemos visto antes.

The ever-escalating war between Donald Trump and Univision gives us a valuable glimpse at how the network advances convenient narratives throughout its various divisions. This particular instance is a higher-profile version of something we’ve seen before.

The disrespectful treatment of Sen. Ted Cruz by Bloomberg's Mark Halperin fits a well-established pattern of duplicity and double standards in the modern day practice of identity politics in the United States.

Over the course of chronicling the incestuous (and opaque) relationship between Hillary Clinton and Univision, its news division’s insanely biased coverage of conservatives, its ongoing campaign of vitiation of conservative Hispanics, and its overall leftward biases, I’ve come to the following realization: it may well be an exercise in madness to continue to treat Univision’s news division as an actual news division.

Durante el transcurso de cubrir la relación incestuosa (y opaca) entre Hillary Clinton y la cadena Univisión, su cobertura viciadísima de conservadores, su campaña de descalificación contra conservadores hispanos y su sesgo hacia la izquierda, he llegado a la siguiente conclusión: que bien podría ser locura pretender cubrir a ese departamento de noticias como a un departamento de noticias.

Título alternativo: A Univisión ya no le importan las apariencias. La cadena, que a regañadientes ha reportado sobre el escándalo #ClintonCash, ha decidido hacer alarde de su relación incestuosa con los Clinton.

Alternate headline: Univision Has Zero Rips Left To Give. The network, which is only now reluctantly slow-dripping news of the emerging #ClintonCash scandal, has decided to flaunt its incestuous relationship with the Clintons.

Univision’s long-standing campaign to otherize and disqualify Hispanic conservatives and those who dissent with the network’s immigration agenda has only increased in vitriol and intensity since the presidential campaign announcements of Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio.

The network, whose executive chairman is Lincoln Bedroom-occupying Clintonista Haim Saban and whose news division is run by Isaac “Our Opponents Are Like Nazis” Lee, is lately focusing its rage on Rubio.

La larga campaña de Univisión para descalificar a los hispanos conservadores y a aquellos que no están de acuerdo con la agenda migratoria de la cadena ha aumentado en intensidad, desde que los senadores Ted Cruz y Marco Rubio anunciaran sus respectivas campañas presidenciales.

In view of continued questions over the Clinton Foundation’s dealings, Univision’s continued on-air blackout of coverage of the emerging Clinton Foundation scandal is troubling, to say the least.