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Blindspot, a show that has previously derided veterans, and blamed the CIA and American indifference to foreign suffering for two separate, anti-American terror plots, is scraping the bottom of the barrel in its search for cliché liberal boogeymen. Taking a cue from CBS’s Limitless, tonight the NBC drama throws back to the 90's by setting its sights on a Michigan militia.

After disappearing from Limitless since its pilot episode, Bradley Cooper finally returned to the small screen spinoff of his 2011 movie by the same name. Cooper plays Senator Eddie Morra, the NZT mastermind pulling lead character Brian Finch’s (Jake McDorman) strings.

In last night’s episode, “Found,” the Quantico recruits finally get an evening away from the Academy. Elias, the intelligent, gay analyst-in-training, has spent the entire series trying to dig up dirt on Simon Asher (Tate Ellington) after he turned down Elias’ advances during earlier training exercises. As the recruits invade a local business convention to test their undercover abilities, Elias finally hits pay dirt, and digs up the evidence he needs to take down Simon.

A 2012 sting nabbed 5 Occupy Wall Street protesters, foiling their plot to blow up an Ohio Bridge. Two separate ISIS-inspired bomb plots have been disrupted in Queens, New York this year alone. So naturally, when CBS’ Limitless needed a terrorist organization to build and detonate a dirty bomb, they chose one of the left’s favorites: an anti-government “militia.”

During its brief on air tenure, NBC’s Blindspot has already accused the Navy SEALs of churning out professional criminals, painted veterans as ticking time bombs wreaking havoc on their country, and blamed American indifference abroad for terrorism at home. Last night’s episode, “Split the Law,” continued the show’s ignoble trend, this time setting its sights on the CIA.

Law and Order: SVU is known for its unrepentant liberalism. The show also prides itself on pulling plots directly from the headlines, especially if the show’s producers think they can use the storyline to push a left-wing narrative. Tonight’s episode, titled “Community Policing,” continued the show’s established tradition, diving headlong into the #BlackLivesMatter controversy, depicting New York City Police officers shooting an “unarmed black college student who happens to match the description of the suspect” in the investigation of the brutal rape of a 12-year-old and her mother.

On the latest episode of Blindspot, the protagonists find out that every major disease outbreak of the past half-decade has been the result of an intentional security breakdown at the CDC. Ebola, SARS, MRSA, Typhoid fever: they were all delivered directly from a secret CDC lab to infect innocent populations around the world. For once, however, the culprit isn’t some heinous government plot. Instead, the villains of the episode “Bone May Rot” are ardent environmentalists convinced they are saving the planet from the human scourge that has infested it. Mass death now is necessary to offset the evils of “modern medicine” and the plague of “overpopulation,” Dr. Frank Surrey (Paul Fitzgerald) explains.

Quantico’s writers just can’t resist the temptation to take shots at the American military or to reinforce left-wing stereotypes. In last week’s episode, the trainees uncovered a plot to burn down a Planned Parenthood. This week, we are told to be suspicious of all veterans; they’re unstable, just like Timothy McVeigh, explains Simon Asher (Tate Ellington).

The U.S. Navy SEALs are the elite of the elite. They are the guys who get sent in when we can’t send anyone else. Navy SEALs conduct covert operation around the world. They’re the guys who finally brought Bin Laden to justice; so naturally, that makes them a target. NBC’s Blindspot has already blamed America for inspiring terrorism against its citizens in the premiere. In last week’s episode, a rogue veteran, burdened by PTSD, attempted to murder an entire squadron of his fellow drone pilots. Last night’s episode “Eight Slim Grins” brought more of the same to the small screen.

To put it mildly, Planned Parenthood is in the middle of a public relations nightmare and they only seem to be digging themselves deeper with time. I doubt Hollywood can save the ship, but that won’t stop them from portraying the nation’s leading abortion provider as a victim. Enter last night's Quantico episode, titled “America," in which the FBI Academy trainees are given an exercise where they must decipher a terrorist plot after being given a room full of clues. What do you think our brave stars uncovered? If you guessed one was radical anti-abortionist wants to burn down the Planned Parenthood clinic where her daughter received an abortion, congratulations! You’ve won a prize.

In the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, the U.S military finally decides to cut its losses and leave LA to the undead walkers. And honestly, I can't really blame them. For starters, the finale’s catastrophe is precipitated by the show’s protagonists’ own actions. In their desperate, and selfish, attempts to “save themselves” they release thousands of infected walkers from a nearby coliseum to wreak havoc on the military base and their own neighbors. 

Viewers of the second episode of NBC’s Blindspot, “A Stray Howl,” were treated to the same disdain for America’s military that permeated the new drama’s pilot. Fresh off blaming America for a plot to kill civilians by blowing up the Statue of Liberty, Blindspot then set its sights on veterans, specifically those who may be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Rogue veterans screwed up by their service, a government cover-up of a secret drone program that had killed American citizens on American soil, intimidation of whistle blowers, this episode had it all. 

What’s worse, big drug companies poisoning Americans or the military industrial complex? What if both left-wing bogeymen--or is it bogeypersons--were combined into a single entity determined to keep the government funded gravy train flowing at all costs, even if it meant murdering innocent Americans? Last night’s Limitless introduced viewers to a dastardly bio-tech CEO willing to murder an American general to keep the gravy train flowing.

Plots “ripped from the headlines” are a staple of Dick Wolf’s Law and Order series, but you’d hardly expect them from super-villains in a show torn from the pages of a different medium: comic books.

In last night’s episode of FOX’s Batman prequel, Gotham, viewers were treated to the horrific inaugural murders of the “Maniax” that could just has easily have appeared on the front page of CNN. In a disturbing sequence straight from ISIS’ playbook, the escaped lunatics from Arkham Asylum captured seven unlucky shipyard workers and tossed them screaming from the roof of the Gotham Gazette just as the managing editor below is demanding juicier front page headlines. 

Ever eager to tick all the politically correct boxes, NBC’s veteran procedural “Law & Order: SVU” kicked off its 17th season by fulfilling a laundry list of left-wing fantasies. In an episode that nicely combines the show's signature "ripped from the headlines" storylines with attacks on rich white male one percenters, “SVU” outed Manhattan’s Deputy Chief Medical Examiner (M.E.) Dr. Carl Rudnick (Jefferson Mays) as a cross-dressing, mentally ill, independently wealthy serial killer (sound familiar?) who used his position to cover his tracks as he dismembered women alive for pleasure.

Whatever evil exists in the world, America must ultimately be at fault. That’s the tone of NBC’s series opener for “Blindspot.” The episode’s antagonist, a Chinese immigrant, blames America for being too free and too indifferent to the struggles in his homeland. 

The media never misses a chance to portray law enforcement as trigger-happy and itching to use excessive force. In a scene plucked straight from the rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter movement, Officer Gordon draws his service weapon on a group of unarmed, hoodie-wearing looters as they attempt to abscond with a street vendor’s trinkets.