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Elliot Polsky is majoring in philosophy, economics, and Catholic studies at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is from Burnsville, Minnesota, and enjoys reading and learning in his free time.

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Whether you like Trump or not, CBS News’ front-page “Celebs against Donald Trump” slideshow is pretty appalling for anyone looking for serious journalism from CBS. The CBS slideshow features 22 celebrities complaining about Trump’s rhetoric as they toss crude personal attacks back across the aisle.

Unlike most fathers celebrated this Father’s Day, our nation’s father, President Obama, gets to step down from his role after eight years. If Obama needs any help coming up with “three weaknesses” for his slew of post-White House job interviews, he’ll have someone to talk to. Joshua Kendall’s thinly disguised hagiography, First Dads: Parenting and Politics From George Washington to Barack Obama, comes at a good time not only for the soon-to-be former president, but also for Hillary Clinton, who rides on his legacy.

ThinkProgress LGBT Editor, Zach Ford, blames “conservative Christians” for the Orlando shooting, which tragically killed or injured over 100 people this past weekend. According to Ford, conservative Christians caused the shooting in two ways: by their own “violence” to the LGBT community and by their anti-Islamic sentiment, a “spark” for the attack.

Senior Justice Writer at the New York Daily News, Shaun King, discovered the cure for mass shootings: ban all white men. In response to the mass murder of 50 people this weekend by Omar Mateen, King tweeted: “We would cut mass shootings down by 75% if our nation banned all white men from this country. Wonder why nobody calls for that?”

While the national media is quick to condemn conservative politicians who oppose stricter gun laws for offering their “thoughts and prayers” to those many victims of the tragic Orlando shooting, the media has said little about the Muslim scholar, Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar, who was preaching the death penalty for gays in Orlando this past April and, earlier, in 2013.

Most vegans are bigots. At least, that’s the implication of the latest “scientific” discoveries reported by Vox. According to Vox, fish have decent proficiency at human face recognition. That doesn’t just make fish one step ahead of iPhoto. Although it may be a tough hook to swallow, Vox concludes, fish probably have rights too.

To combat the “media’s” unrealistic body images, BuzzFeed put on “Body Positivity Week” this past May. Capping off the plethora of articles about body shaming, BuzzFeed took photos of four “ordinary” guys (a comedy group, The Try Guys) imitating the poses of well-sculpted celebrities. Unfortunately, one media outlet – BuzzFeed – failed to get the message.

It’s about time kids got some LGBT propaganda. According to Huffington Post LGBT “Queer Voices” Deputy Editor James Michael Nichols, new cartoons on Hulu featuring gay heroes and lesbian heroines are providing some much-needed children’s education.