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Corinne Weaver works as a senior analyst for the Media Research Center. As the Joe and Betty Anderlik Fellow, her coverage on tech censorship, media bias, and pro-life issues have been cited by many in the conservative movement. Corinne’s work has been featured in Fox News, the Guardian, LifeSiteNews, and the Federalist. Before her current position, Corinne graduated from Christendom College with bachelor’s degrees in English and History.


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After the El Paso shooter uploaded a four-page manifesto to the online chat forum known as 8chan, the media and journalists lobbied for the site to be taken down. Some liberal journalists insisted that censorship was a solution to shooters posting their manifestos on the site.


Facebook announced that it had removed 259 accounts, allegedly part of a Saudi Arabian propaganda network. The accounts, the pages set up by the accounts, and the events hosted by the pages promoted propaganda about the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, his “Vision 2030,” and the success of the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces in Yemen.

Conservatives might not be able to have a career in tech engineering unless they turn liberal. In an article published in the Wall Street Journal, former Google engineer Kevin Cernekee detailed the political harassment he experienced from the time he was hired in 2015 to his ultimate firing in 2018.

Major business leaders aren’t all eager for Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra. In an interview with The Verge’s Nilay Patel, billionaire and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban had some objections to Facebook’s “tentacles” stretching across the globe.

Twitter is making supporters of President Trump suffer on Twitter for merely being retweeted by the platform’s least favorite person. For the second time in a month, Twitter suspended an account almost immediately after President Trump re-tweeted it.


A prank tweet made a member of Congress and President Trump look bad. Twitter then allowed that tweet to trend. HBO writer Dan Lyons posted a tweet that attributed this fake quote to Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH): “While Obama and Biden were cowering in fear on Air Force 1, Mr. Trump was on the ground with first responders searching for survivors and pulling people to safety. I remember seeing him on TV, running toward the danger.” This tweet was trending on July 30 under “Obama and Biden” in the top 10 tweet trends. 


The liberal media are continually pushing for more and more censorship online. And Big Tech companies are willing to listen. After President Donald Trump tweeted that a Baltimore area congressional district is a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess,” the media raged and tried to defend the city.

The front page of the internet might be getting ready to backpage supporters of President Trump. In a podcast interview with Vox’s Kara Swisher, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman went into great detail about how to silence conservatives on the popular site.

Even those who work at Google have noticed the search engine’s unfair tilt towards liberal news outlets. Google engineer Greg Coppola, who was suspended by his company for speaking to Project Veritas, published a July 25 post on Medium analyzing Google News. Coppola re-enacted a project done by PJ Media’s Paula Boylard in order to demonstrate Google’s liberal manipulation of its algorithms

Democrats are trying to buy their way to a presidential victory in 2020 on Facebook and Google. Priorities USA, a Democratic SuperPAC, announced that it was launching an advertising campaign that would repackage local news into Democratic propaganda, in an attempt to assist the DNC with its 2020 presidential campaign.

No one is happy with the fine the FTC  levied on Facebook. Not even the FTC. Federal Trade Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter wrote in a July 24 letter that she objected to the $5 billion fine handed to Facebook for privacy violations. “I am skeptical that its terms will have a meaningful disciplining effect on how Facebook treats data and privacy,” she wrote, arguing instead that the FTC should “fight for the right outcome in a public court of law,” against both Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

The hive known as Google is quick to punish those who undermine its authority.  Hours after Google engineer Greg Coppola appeared with James O’Keefe in a Project Veritas video, he was put on administrative leave by his company. In the video, Coppola said that he believed that Google News and Google’s search engine algorithms were biased.

Google’s iron curtain shielding its biases is beginning to crumble. In an interview with Project Veritas’ founder James O’Keefe, current Google engineer Greg Coppola cast doubt on the multiple testimonies given by Google executives to Congress, especially CEO Sundar Pichai’s December statements.


Facebook and Twitter are working together to squelch any conservative opinions about illegal aliens. Conservative writer and Breitbart contributor Warner Todd Huston wrote that he had been suspended from both social media platforms after tweeting “Illegal aliens are not immigrants. They are criminals.”

Worried about your privacy online? You probably shouldn’t sell the rights to your face to a tech company. Google employees are taking to the streets of New York City and asking random people for their face data. Google employees are taking to the streets of New York City and asking random people for their face data. The search engine company is “gathering data,” probably to prepare for the release of the Pixel 4, Google’s new phone. The product will have Google’s own version of “Face ID” installed into it. 


The liberal media thinks Twitter is censoring Democrats, but not in the same way that it censors conservatives. In a piece on, “Is Twitter Making It Harder for Democrats to Win in 2020?” Editor At-Large Chris Cillizza wrote that it is dangerous to “assume that the judgments made on Twitter are reflective of the broader judgments of the Democratic Party.”

Elected officials are no longer allowed to tweet innocuous support for the United States Navy, if you believe Twitter. Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott met with Twitter officials on July 15 to discuss why his tweet about the U.S. Navy’s flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels, was covered up by Twitter.

The new progressive agenda is simple: Dismantle key elements of the Constitution in order to serve their own purposes.  At the Daily Kos convention, the Netroots Nation Conference, at a panel titled “Racism and the Struggle for Civil Rights,” speakers tore into social media platforms for attempting to mirror the First Amendment.

Social media has banned and censored people from using its products. What will happen when social media companies create other everyday products — like money? During two hearings in the House and Senate on July 15 and 16, senators and congressional representatives came down on Facebook’s newest initiative, the cryptocurrency Libra.


Legislators expressed their frustration with the lack of disciplinary treatment of Facebook at a Senate hearing yesterday. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) took a moment during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on “Google and Censorship through Search Engines” to complain about the Federal Trade Commission’s lenient stance toward Facebook.