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The dreaded Republicans are in control, new tax legislation has been passed, and it is tax season. What’s a wealthy, overprivileged celebrity to do?

Complain, of course. Some celebs attacked Republicans for passing the “FUCKING TAX BILL,” while others were upset by a function of the progressive tax structure liberals favor. One famous actress even argued for tax avoidance as protest. That’s Hollywood for you.


In this year’s list of bizarre things to happen, a stoned rapper finding his version of religion takes the cake. In the wake of rapper Snoop Dogg’s recent release of a gospel album, it’s easy to forget that only 12 months ago he was so virulently anti-Trump.


Life in the fantastical Silicon Valley bubble must be a liberal’s dream.

It should come as no surprise that Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey not only retweeted a bizarre article, “The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War,” but also promoted it, calling it a “great read.” Written by former Wired magazine editor Peter Leyden and Center for American Progress’ Ruy Teixeira, the article stated that “Bipartisan cooperation simply can’t get done,” therefore,  the people must “reconfigure the political landscape.”


It’s the classic tool of the provocateur: when all else fails, make fun of religion.

It’s not just liberal politics that play a part in cover-ups in scandals. It’s also liberal Hollywood. In 1979, a producer named Glenn Stensel tried to raise $800,000 to make the film, in the same year when Ted Kennedy was in the running for the Democratic nomination for president. It didn't happen. 


We have a fresh reminder of the Kennedys’ irresponsibility, arrogance, entitlement and dishonesty. So why would the man touted by the media as “America’s Conscience” encourage one of that brood to run for president? Good question.  


Ah, Hollywood. The tinseltown where logic is thrown out the window and emotional liberal politics reign supreme. There’s no place quite like it.


How do you regain your cred in liberal Hollywood? It’s simple: just wish for the president’s death.

After celebs have tried again and again to gain publicity through their grisly hopes for President Trump to die in one way or another, Joss Whedon, director of Avengers, Firefly and Buffy, decided to join the fray. Apparently death is the answer for the frustrated Hollywood liberal.

Remember all those op-eds about Muslim crimes and violent fanaticism that NBC ran to coincide with Ramadan? Neither do we.

No, that’s the kind of insult the network reserves for Christians at Easter. Like the Easter Sunday piece from one Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove on the NBC News site. In it, he told the story of the Colfax County murders from 1873 and linked that massacre to the 2016 election, since both apparently involved white evangelicals.


Conservative representation in entertainment merits mudslinging, according to the liberal media.

At least, that’s the impression an AM Joy panel gave. In a discussion on April 1 over the new ABC reboot of Roseanne, three guests – including actor and director Rob Reiner – and host Joy Reid levied harsh judgment of the show. The actor and director more commonly known as “Meathead” decided that the problem with Roseanne Barr, a real-life Trump supporter, is that she and her character are too similar.


Fantasizing about someone’s death is always the best way to #Resist, at least in the mind of the deranged Hollywood elite. Actor Jim Carrey took his new artistic hobby a bit too far when he drew a cartoon of President Trump’s sons being gored to death by an angry elephant. He tweeted the image on March 27, with the caption “#teamelephant.” Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump were depicted as bleeding with an elephant tusk protruding from each of their stomachs.


If Stephen Colbert calls out a joke for going too far, then it must be bad. On Monday night, actor Sean Penn appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. The outspoken liberal talk show host, Colbert, warned the outspoken liberal Hollywood star that he couldn’t “make jokes” about assassinating President Trump. Making a reference to a character in Penn’s new novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, who wants to assassinate the fictional president, Colbert asked Penn, “Have the Secret Service contacted you?”

The media has always made a point to pit itself against President Donald Trump. And now, they’re employing Kathy Griffin’s help.


In the wake of the #MeToo movement, media newsrooms have been hit with allegations of sexual harassment and assault again and again.


In the midst of the utterings of doom from Hollywood, it’s interesting to see what merits a gleeful response from celebrities.

The ongoing controversy over pornstar Stormy Daniels and President Trump has celebrities frolicking over the media’s salacious coverage of the story, the lawsuit, and the people involved. During Anderson Cooper’s Sunday interview with Stephanie Cliffords, otherwise known as Stormy Daniels, on CBS’ 60 Minutes, some of the more outspoken in Hollywood hypocritically weighed in.


It’s never too early to become a liberal activist, according to the media.

On March 24, after the much-hyped March for Our Lives was over, the celebrities at Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards decided to incorporate anti-gun politics into the green-slime filled event. Nothing says educational politics like celebrities -- fearing the infamous slime bath associated with the award show -- talking about gun control.


Identity politics can only go so far.

However, people on the left, especially people in political activism, tend to connect their sexuality with other topics. The Parkland survivors, in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle senior editor Beth Greenfield, revealed how their work as LGBTQ activists has helped them now that they are part of the “antigun movement.”


Christian films risk being torn to shreds by the secular Hollywood media. While the critics were dismayed at the surprisingly popular I Can Only Imagine last week, this week they find themselves being put to sleep by the “boring” Paul, Apostle of Christ film, released on March 23. While Christian critics are willing to give the film its chance, critics at Variety and The Wrap are disappointed that the film isn’t a Marvel movie.


As the latest Supreme Court case to address abortion and free speech comes to the public eye, the leftwing media have decided that their own opinion deserves to be front and center.


Hollywood tends to ignore or downplay Christian themes. So it was a surprise when the film I Can Only Imagine, a Christian movie about the story behind the popular song from the band MercyMe, did well in theaters, it beat the LGBT film Love, Simon, at the box office over the weekend.