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On Friday’s Morning Joe, Willie Geist hosted a panel to discuss the latest news on the Russian hacking narrative regarding Facebook ads that were purportedly used by Russian intelligence to stoke "racial tensions" during the 2016 presidential election. The panel’s primary reaction, with only one dissenting voice, was to call for increased government "regulation" and financial “penalties in the hundreds of millions” to shut down alleged Russian influencers.

On Thursday’s Morning Joe, Willie Geist solo-hosted a segment where he and the rest of the panel supposedly got to the bottom of Trump’s NFL comments opposing football players protesting during the performance of the National Anthem: it was all a dastardly plot to appeal to Americans’ inherent racism and thereby distract them from the fact that Trump is trying to hurt them with terrible policies.

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, the hosts decided to finally admit to their audience that they often cannot understand what President Trump is saying when he makes speeches or answers press queries, thereby perhaps solving the mystery of their bias: they can’t necessarily do the most basic part of their jobs–comprehend basic sentences in English.

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, while discussing Roy Moore’s victory in the Republican Alabama Senate primary, Joe Scarborough and Jon Meacham mused about the possibility of a ‘chaotic,’ ‘left-wing,’ ‘populist’ political movement coming about in the future in response to politicians like Moore. In the process, everyone on the panel apparently forgot about the existence of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or even the insurgent candidacy of Bernie Sanders last year in the Democratic presidential primaries.

On Tuesday’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough went completely off the rails in defense of his friend Senator John McCain. Not only did Scarborough declare that anyone who wants to criticize McCain for his decisive role in striking down an ObamaCare repeal is inhuman, ‘raised in a barn,’ disrespectful, and undignified, but Joe even questioned the character, patriotism, and Christian morals of anyone who has criticized McCain and imperiously declared not once, but twice, that Trump and others must ‘keep [their] mouths shut.’

On Monday’s Morning Joe, hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski spent most of the show obsessing over various comments made by President Trump at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama last Friday. They took special umbrage, however, at Trump calling out Senator John McCain for being the deciding vote in scuttling a Republican ObamaCare repeal effort this past July. The hosts’ extremely disproportionate response was to question the humanity of both Trump and his supporters at the rally.

On Friday’s Morning Joe, the show’s panel reacted to the latest developments in the heated standoff between North Korea and the United States with exasperation, fear, and loathing, but not just at Kim Jong-un. In fact, Trump was the target of the greater wrath and consternation of the panel because he once again said mean things about North Korea’s ‘Dear Leader’ and his devil’s den of a country.

On Thursday’s Morning Joe, while going over some of the latest approval polls regarding President Trump, host Joe Scarborough and frequent guest Mark Halperin were both elated over the idea of Trump working more with Democrats in recent weeks. However, Scarborough also went on a series of ugly rants about how several prominent conservatives, including Representative Steve King, Ann Coulter, and Sean Hannity, were “far, far, far right” agitators and even claimed that Coulter said that the President “should be killed.”

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, the guests and hosts actually had a moderately balanced (particularly by MSNBC standards) discussion running for much of the broadcast with respect to evaluating Trump’s address to the United Nations General Assembly yesterday.  However, in a segment with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski facilitated her unleashing a series of ridiculous assertions about Trump’s speech completely unchecked by basic reality.

On Tuesday, Morning Joe did a special 10th Anniversary show with a live studio audience that spent a significant amount of time recounting the show’s more memorable, historic, or simply entertaining moments (at least in the eyes of its hosts and guests). However, in their romp through history, Joe Scarborough and guests like former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg could not help but to completely annihilate any coherent or reasonable understanding of Al Sharpton’s long history of racial incitement and promoting insanely hateful, paranoid conspiracy theories about Jews, whites, and cops for the past four decades.  

On Monday's Morning Joe, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski made a remarkable comeback performance after being away both Thursday and Friday of last week. Somehow, in her obsessive ranting centered around Trump’s retweet of a random Twitter user’s joke and another tweet that called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man,” Brzezinski managed to fit in enough nonsense to fill at least three days of normal MSNBC content.  

On Friday's Morning Joe, Katty Kay, English anchor for BBC World News America, came to the baffling conclusion that Vietnam is “a temple of capitalism and commitment to all of the things that Americans hold dear,” and documentary filmmaker Ken Burns seemed to agree.

On Thursday's Morning Joe, former senior campaign strategist of the unsuccessful 2008 Presidential campaign of John McCain and current MSNBC Political Analyst Steve Schmidt decided to tap deep into his political bloodlust. He labeled those who support deporting “dreamers” as “extreme,” purveyors of “cruelty,” and “loons screaming out there on the fringes” who are “gonna have no impact.”

In an apparently never-ending crusade to brand Trump as a KKK-supporting white supremacist, on Wednesday's Morning Joe, MSNBC hosts Mika Brzezinksi, Joe Scarborough, and Willie Geist conducted a segment with Associated Press Political Reporter Jonathan Lemire in which they salivated over the prospect that a new congressional joint resolution asking the President to once again condemn “White nationalists, White supremacists, the Klu Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups” would become political cannon fodder for undermining Trump if he failed to sign it.