NBC Skimps on Report V.A. Paid $142 Million in Bonuses Amid Scandal

November 11th, 2015 11:43 PM
On Wednesday night, NBC Nightly News neglected to inform its viewers of a new report concerning the scandal-ridden Department of Veterans Affairs and the $142 million it paid out in bonuses to employees (including some who were facing discipline and/or recently fired). Compiled by the House Veterans Affairs Committee, the report stated that some of those who received bonuses still got them…

VA Sec. Admits to Lying About His Military Record; Will Nets Report?

February 24th, 2015 1:06 AM
In an interview with The Huffington Post published on Monday night, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald admitted to falsely claiming in a segment on January 30's CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley on January 30 that he had served in U.S. Army Special Forces during his service from mid-1970s to 1980. McDonald retracted what he had told a homeless veteran in Los Angeles by…

Only CBS Evening News Covers Senate Confirming New V.A. Chief

July 29th, 2014 9:57 PM
On July 29, the Senate confirmed Robert McDonald by a vote of 97-0 to be the next Secretary of Veterans Affairs but that evening only the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley covered the story whereas ABC and NBC were nowhere to be found.   Fill-in host James Brown introduced the report on the V.A. by explaining how “the first job for the former CEO of Procter & Gamble will be…

Networks Continue to Provide Minimal Coverage of VA Scandal

July 23rd, 2014 12:21 PM
On Tuesday, July 22, Robert McDonald, President Obama’s nominee to take over as Secretary for the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs, appeared before the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, yet his testimony received a minuscule 24 seconds on ABC, CBS, and NBC.  In fact, the only “big three” coverage of McDonald’s testimony came on Tuesday morning,…