We know that more Democrats than Republicans have been talking nonchalantly about jumping off the fiscal cliff. But is President Obama one of them? It is a very real possibility.

What's your prediction for how things are going to play out? Should the GOP go along and forget about the automatic budget cuts and tax increases? Sound off in the comments here on this or any other topic you'd like.

Today's starter topic: Just in case the far left tries to resurrect its anti-gun rights agenda, here's an inconvenient fact: According to the FBI, murder victims are more likely to be killed by assailants using parts of their bodies than firearms.

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Today's starter topic: Writing at the Ace of Spades site, pseudonymous blogger Gabriel Malor makes the case that policy issues in the campaign were not what won the day for President Obama. Instead, it was trivial, manufactured controversies designed to inflame low-information voters:

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The Obama campaign is now spending money in Pennsylvania. Is this a sign of the state becoming closer? Or is this just idle speculation considering the state has often been close but never quite within reach for a Republican presidential candidate?

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