"Millions of Americans could face new state taxes on their Internet access this fall, as Congress struggles with how to extend an expiring moratorium on such levies," the Wall Street Journal's John McKinnon reported in the May 6 paper, noting that the federal moratorium in the Internet Tax Freedom Act expires on November 1, 2014 and has, thus far seen Congress taking "few concrete steps to re-enact it."

In a nutshell, some legislators are seeking to use the deadline as leverage to enact passage of the core provisions of a bill -- the Marketplace Fairness Act --which would permit states to force online retailers to collect sales taxes payable to the customer's state government even if the retailer does not have a physical presence in the customer's home state. Below the page break you can read an excerpt from McKinnon's story (emphases mine) and leave comments on this and/or anything else on your mind. This serves as today's Open Thread post.

A new YouTube channel, Digitas Daily, has an amusing little montage about MSNBC's non-stop talk about racism. It's a clever one-minute look at how the Lean Forward network has been Johnny One-Note. So we thought we'd give you a look at it below the page break.

As an added bonus, we also embedded another video Digitas Daily did a few weeks back, headlined, "He Reports. They Recite," about the media dutifully reciting the Obama administration's 7.1-million ObamaCare signups stat. Leave us your comments on this and whatever else is on your mind in the comments section below for this the Friday, May 2 Open Thread.

So it appears that the supposedly open-minded liberals at Yale University don't think that advocating for the rights of the most defenseless and innocent among us, the unborn, qualifies as a mission which accords to the quest for "social justice."

As Kat Timpf of Campus Reform reported on Monday, the Ivy League school's Social Justice Network has denied an application for membership from Choose Life at Yale (CLAY), a student pro-life advocacy group. We've included an excerpt below the page break (emphasis ours). Leave us your thoughts on this or anything else on your mind for this today's open-thread post:

If government regulation was literally made of red tape, adhesive manufacturers would be making a killing in the Obama economy.

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal editorial board noted how the president is a "Regulator Without Peer," citing analysis by Wayne Crews of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, who has a forthcoming annual review of federal regs, "Ten Thousand Commandments" slated to be unveiled on April 29 [click here for the 2013 study]. Read an excerpt of the WSJ's editorial below the page break, and leave us your thoughts on this or anything else on your mind in the comments thread (emphasis mine):

For our open thread, we thought we'd take a walk down memory lane [h/t Hot Air's Allahpundit]. Below the page break we've attached a YouTube video of kids reacting to a Sony Walkman® audio cassette player.

It will both put a smile on your face and make you feel incredibly old. 

On the Monday, December 30, The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC, Richard Wolffe -- executive editor of MSNBC.com -- mocked "ObamaCare haters," tagging them as the "biggest losers of the year," as he appeared as a panel member to select awards in various news categories for the year 2013.

As he suggested that the reduction in glitches at Healthcare.Gov solves ObamaCare's problems, Wolffe compared opponents to people still "fighting the Second World War on a lost island."

After host O'Donnell asked who was the "biggest loser of the year," Wolffe began his gloating:

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