Most of you guys probably have a favorite candidate or two for the caucus tonight, and so an open thread is probably bound to get rather heated as folks debate the merits of their respective choices. So in our attempt to unite everyone around a common foe, here's a topic starter: What's with Joe Scarborough wearing skinny jeans on air this afternoon?

Open thread for the January 14 GOP presidential debate.

Consider this your special Open Thread for State of the Union night. To kick things off, here's a funny tweet by @GayPatriot.

As we all know from Seinfeld, December 23 is the date in which a thoroughly frustrated Frank Costanza invented Festivus, a bare-bones non-commercial holiday "for the rest of us." One of the Festivus festivities is the Airing of Grievances, so have at it people. 

On this day in 1791, Virginia's ratification of the first ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution effected the ratification of the Bill of Rights. Happy Bill of Rights Day. 

Today is the late great Frank Sinatra's 100th birthday. Tell us your favorite Sinatra stories in the comments section.

Here's a little something to kick off today's afternoon open thread:'s Leon Wolf has an interesting metaphor for what animals the liberal media are most like.

Flanked by his wife and the president, Vice President Joe Biden announced moments ago in the White Rose Garden that he decided to not seek the Democratic nomination for president.

Consider this post today's open thread.

Linda Greenhouse covered the Supreme Court for the New York Times for 30 years until accepting a downsizing buyout in 2008. She continues to write bi-weekly columns there.

Greenhouse is absolutely appalled that the King v. Burwell lawsuit has gotten to the Supreme Court. As will be seen, she's also quite selective in her outrage.

It won't be long until America's school kids head back to class, and, before you know it, school fundraising season will ramp up with it, what with PTAs and marching bands and varsity football teams and the like trying to raise money their programs. Only this fall they're doing so with the Obama-signed 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act fully in effect. As a consequence, in many parts of the country you can expect to see the death of traditional money-making staples like candy or bake sales.

Stephanie Armour of the Wall Street Journal has the story (excerpt below; emphasis mine). Consider this today's open thread kickstarter. Leave your comment on this or whatever else in on your mind in the comments section:

So this happened. It should be fun to see the media's furious spin now that a Tea Party longshot has defeated establishment Republican and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) in tonight's primary election.

Leave your comments below in this special breaking news open thread. Conversation starter: CNN noted the breaking news during tonight's Anderson Cooper 360 but dropped the ball on the breaking news in the subsequent hour (9 p.m. Eastern), opting to air a pre-recorded special on the 20th anniversary of the murders of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

The Wall Street Journal published a fascinating op-ed yesterday by Dr. Hal Scherz, a pediatric urological surgeon and medical school instructor who relayed "Doctors' War Stories From VA Hospitals." Scherz noted that, in his experience, "the best thing that a patient in the VA system could hope for was that the services he needed were unavailable" because then he would get outsourced "to doctors in the community, where their problems are promptly addressed."

What's more, Scherz noted, while the dedicated medical staff at VA hospitals try their darndest to cut through red tape to serve the patients, often personally attending to tasks not in their job description, doing so was punished, not rewarded by the bureaucrats who supervise them: