On Tuesday, President Trump tweeted he would be “announcing THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR” on Monday “in various categories from the Fake News Media." There’s bias, but then there’s sheer incompetence. The biggest media obsession last year was the search for evidence of Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia, in the process, liberal reporters in 2017 repeatedly stumbled into error and were forced to make embarrassing corrections. This post presented eight possible choices that the President could consider.

On Thursday, CNN’s The Situation Room spent over 20 minutes during its two-hour airtime peddling accusations by Democrats, a far-left Yale psychologist, and the hot takes of CNN partisans like Brian Stelter that President Trump was mentally ill and thus should be removed from office. This topic has long been on CNN’s periphery, but it popped up on a flagship program on Thursday following other discussions on at least three other CNN programs.

For the second day in a row, NBC’s Peter Alexander and Yahoo’s Hunter Walker asked questions from the far-left in Wednesday’s White House press briefing, insinuating to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders that people should be concerned that President Trump is behaving like a mentally ill authoritarian.

On Tuesday, 2018's first White House press briefing showed that the media have picked up where 2017 left off by making fools of themselves with dumb and nonsensical questions. This time, topics included college football in red states, that infamous white box truck, and working during the holidays.

Se avecina el final de 2017, y con ello Univisión aprovechó una última oportunidad para colocar el foco sobre una de las querendonas nuevas de la cadena: Carmen Yulín Cruz, la alcaldesa separatista radical de San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Fresh from his year-end African safari (with subsequent column already in the bag), Univision anchor Jorge Ramos graces Twitter with a bold proclamation, decreeing that 2018 shall be the "Year Of The Resistance." Funny, I thought that's what 2017 was.

As 2017 draws to a close, Univision took one last opportunity to spotlight one of the network's new favorites: Carmen Yulín Cruz, the radical separatist mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In 2017, CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta gave viewers free doctorates in how to become showboaters and throw hissy fits. No matter where it was, Acosta left his mark on the year in media for all the wrong reasons.  Liberal journalists and White House critics view Acosta as an indispensable beacon of reason possessing a needed sense of urgency, but others (including this space) see him as a leading reason for why the media continued to lose credibility. 

On Tuesday afternoon, MSNBC Live host Katy Tur reinforced the notion held by some that, quite simply, she’s not ready for primetime when it comes to being a substantive host. The latest example came when her far-left economic views ran into a buzzsaw against Republican Congressman and former economics professor Dave Brat.

Early Friday afternoon, CNN host Wolf Blitzer and rabble-rouser/senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta sought to throw cold water on any questions surrounding the Mueller probe into possible Trump-Russia collusion, denouncing concerns “as a right-wing narrative” promulgated by “conservative media” to influence President Trump.

It is no secret that high levels of immigration are crucial to the long-term survival of Univision. Accordingly, the network’s position requires the scuttling of potential compromises that could potentially constitute less than “the whole enchilada” when it comes to securing a massive amnesty for millions of people currently unlawfully present in the country. The current battle over the future of DACA is indicative of the approach of America's leading Spanish-language media platform.

During Tuesday’s White House briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders cited the latest Media Research Center study showing that the Trump coverage on the major broadcast network evening newscasts was 90 percent negative toward the President. Sanders was being openly lobbied by NBC's Kristen Welker to accept a congressional investigation into sexual misconduct allegations against the President when the White House official began noting the media’s refusal to cover policy issues.