Whereas, as we recently noted, Univision embarrassed itself with its horrendously biased coverage of the “monkey it up” flap that kicked off the election of Florida’s next governor, CNN En Español showed how it’s done. Unlike its English-language namesake, CNN’s Spanish-language network is still in the business of hard news.

Debido a su inquietud de que los hispanos que están en el país de manera ilegal así como toda la comunidad hispana se vean mancillados por la revelación de que el presunto asesino de Mollie Tibbetts era un indocumentado de origen mexicano, la Asociación Nacional de Periodistas Hispanos (NAHJ por sus siglas en inglés) ha emitido un llamado perturbador a la autocensura, emplazando a los medios a omitir referencias alusivas a “raza y estatus de ciudadanía” cuando reporten sobre los sospechosos de la comisión de delitos.

La división de noticias de Univisión tomó la controversia que abrumó la contienda por la gobernación de la Florida, a falta de un mejor término con que describirlo, para hacer monerías.

Univision’s news division took the controversy that has engulfed the Florida gubernatorial race and predictably...for lack of a better term...they monkeyed it up.

In their concern that all Hispanics who are in the country unlawfully as well as the U.S. Hispanic community as a whole will be tainted by the revelation that Mollie Tibbetts' murderer was a Mexican national who was unlawfully present in the United States, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists has issued a rather disturbing call for censorship, calling on media outlets to withhold referencing "race and citizenship status" when reporting on suspects involved in crimes.

Los recientes recortes presupuestarios en Univisión parecen haber surtido su efecto. Como resultado, el semanario político Al Punto se ha visto obligado a reciclar una entrevista de hace siete semanas con el actor Benicio Del Toro, con el fin de propagar una narrativa antitrumpista.

On Wednesday night, the CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News remained aboard the proverbial liberal media party bus pushing Congress to impeach President Trump and delay or thwart Brett Kavanaugh from reaching the Supreme Court following Tuesday’s bad Trump headlines involving Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.

Closing out his CNN show on Tuesday on a bad day for President Trump, Chris Cuomo asserted in his “Closing Argument” that Tuesday was “a bad day” for America because the President’s supporters still boisterously cheered him at a rally and thus didn’t boo him in light of the Cohen and Manafort cases. Cuomo also appeared to hilariously assert that either the media or country writ large don’t “want to see the President do poorly.”

Now that Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tried to backtrack Friday on remarks from Wednesday that America “was never that great,” the CBS Evening News broke the silence by the network’s news operation with a 26-second news brief. The move followed CBS’s The Late Show from Thursday when even liberal host Stephen Colbert and former Obama staffers-turned-Pod Save America hosts blasted Cuomo’s gaffe.

Yes, that headline is real. In covering the effort by over 350 newspapers to collude against President Trump, Wednesday’s Hardball featured MSNBC host Chris Matthews alluding to Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin in the segment promoting the anti-Trump collusion campaign started by The Boston Globe.

On Wednesday, an open letter was issued to Nancy Pelosi by the historic Californian newspaper, the Sacramento Bee. The editorial board called on her to step aside in the race for Speaker of the House, citing the good of the Democratic Party. As it stands, 44 Democratic candidates and incumbents say they will not be voting for Pelosi as speaker.

Showing their bias for anyone and anything anti-Trump, CNN’s At This Hour showed nothing but warm sympathy on Monday morning for Peter Strzok upon news he was fired by the FBI, repeatedly expressing hope that “he was treated fairly” and fretting that he was “a favorite punching bag” for President Trump and conservative media.