Univision's latest report on the plight of displaced Puerto Ricans in Central Florida falls flat, in large part,  due to its transparently brazen effort to turn tragedy in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria into a political commodity.

In a sign of just how upset the liberal media are about Friday’s release of the Republican House Intelligence Committee memo, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer decided to become Jim Acosta by viciously interrupting and attacking Congressman Chris Stewart (Utah) and his fellow Republicans. 

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos takes to Twitter once again, displaying both dangerous intransigence and clear partisan bias when it comes to his bread-and-butter issue: immigration reform. But will this all-or-nothing approach actually help advance meaningful reforms, or is it likelier to aggravate gridlock on the issue?

Talk about twisting yourself into a pretzel. On Monday morning’s CNN Newsroom, two CNN pundits determined that Hillary Clinton reading Fire and Fury at the Grammy Awards might not have been smart, but the far-left politicization of award shows shouldn’t be condemned and instead taken to heart due to the “damage” President Trump has caused to “the Republican brand.”

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos' latest column evokes the past and pines for a desired future. But it's mostly repetitive, and a clear picture of the future that Ramos imagines for America.

Con el pasar de los años, la división de noticias de Univision ha dejado sus sesgos bien claros- y ha dejado ver que tales sesgos van mucho más allá del tema migratorio. En esta instancia particular, vemos la manera en que la cadena tergiversa la reforma contributiva recién firmada por el presidente Donald Trump:

Throughout the years, Univision's news division has made its biases very clear, and those biases extend far beyond immigration. In this particular instance, we see how the network smears the tax reform bill recently signed by President Donald Trump.

Early Thursday night, the White House released the parameters of an immigration plan being sent to Congress, which included legalizating 1.8 million illegal immigrants. However, this dramatic attempt at a compromise fell on deaf ears at CNN. From 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Eastern, CNN devoted an astonishing 11 times more coverage to the Trump-Russia probe, discrediting the Peter Strzok-Lisa Page scandal, and obsessing over porn star Stormy Daniels than the immigration plan.

La prensa nacional estadounidense hace mucho alarde de su apoyo a la igualdad para todos, si es que podemos darle credibilidad a ese alarde. Sin embargo, el trato que le ha dado al esfuerzo oficial de Puerto Rico por lograr la estadidad deja claro que tan sólo apoya la igualdad de la boca hacía afuera.

Our national media talk a big talk when it comes to advocating equality for all, if their shameless self-promotion is to be believed. However, their treatment of Puerto Rico's official push for admission into the Union as the 51st state makes crystal clear that some causes are more "equal" than others.

Just think, this is who MSNBC considers to be one of its best and brightest Republicans. On Tuesday’s Hardball, political analyst and 2008 McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt tore into Republican questions about the FISA memo and Strzok-Page texts as “snake oil” “McCarthyism” being “abetted” by the Fox News Channel serving as “state-run TV in an autocratic society.”

Hours ahead of a possible government shutdown, CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta debased his already self-centered act by playing the role of sycophant on Friday morning for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) by tangling with Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney over basic facts about Senate procedure.