As the Washington Post expected when it published it's pathetic, racially charged, 3000-word, front page hit piece on Texas governor Rick Perry Sunday, America's media outlets have largely taken the bait by expressing outrage over this non-story.

Curiously bucking the trend was Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" Monday which used black contributor Wyatt Cenac to humorously demonstrate how many places across the country have names like N-ggerhead (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

It shouldn't be surprising that as Barack Obama's approval ratings have dipped (Real Clear Politics average of 45.6 percent), the liberals at The Daily Show would start turning on the public as ridiculous and fickle. On Thursday night's show, they turned the tables on the polls, and Wyatt Cenac talked about the other opinion measure that is sinking: "Obama’s approval ratings of us."

Stewart played along: "I was not aware actually that they measured that." Cenac replied: "Oh, yeah. Let's look at the numbers. At present, Obama only approves of 26 percent of all Americans. That’s down from a high of 79 percent and that's across all demographics." The skit continued: