Somebody takes Russell Brand seriously. You know, the British comic actor? The one known mostly for his brief marriage to pop star Katy Perry? He’s that guy that did the abysmal remake of the classic movie “Arthur.” Maybe you know him for his drug use?

Anyway, people actually watch Brand’s Youtube video channel, “The Trews,” for his take on the issues of the day. The Huffington Post, NPR, Upworthy, The Washington Post and The Guardian have published his opinions. That’s despite (or more likely because) the fact that those opinions are unoriginal, often hate-filled, intolerant left-wing rants that run to conspiracy theories about corporations and “power structures.” He’s a celebrity of sorts eager to communicate opinions that news and entertainment media elites mostly share, so they’re happy to give him a platform. 

When far-left, white, British comedic actor Russell Brand scolded a black WSJ political commentator, Jason Riley as “freakish” and a “betrayer” of his race for not buying into the liberal narrative on the death of Michael Brown, Brand probably didn’t realize how racist and arrogant he came across.

In the video posted to Brand’s Youtube channel Aug. 21, he mocks Riley’s “white” sounding voice and mimicked Riley, saying,“I am a convenient African American who will betray my racial roots for Fox News!” Since the mainstream media never reports on these revealing confessions made by liberal actors, Greg Gutfeld did on Fox News’ “The Five,”Aug. 26.  

On Tuesday, former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur uttered some of the wackiest media analysis you’ll ever hear when, on his Youtube show, he declared: “In American media conservatives dominated almost exclusively before Keith Olbermann turned MSNBC a more progressive direction.”

But then actor Russell Brand, determined not to be upstaged by The Young Turks host, upped the crazy ante as he proclaimed that MSNBC is “extremely conservative.” (video after the jump)

Russell Brand’s hatred for Fox News is so intense he couldn’t get through his eulogy of Robin Williams without taking a shot at the network’s “angry” viewers.

In Tuesday’s online edition of The Guardian, Brand tried to find deeper meaning in the death of Williams as he pondered how “we live in a world that has become so negligent of human values that our brightest lights are extinguishing themselves?” Brand added “all around us people are suffering behind masks less interesting than the one Robin Williams wore?” and then warned “Do you have time to tune in to Fox News, to cement your angry views to calcify the certain misery?”

Liberal comedian Whoopi Goldberg clumsily deployed the race card in an argument with conservative guest co-host Will Cain of The Blaze on Wednesday's The View about comedian Russell Brand comparing Fox News to ISIS. Cain had criticized Brand, pointing out the ludicrousness of describing a news channel he disagrees with politically to violent, predatory terrorists.

Tackling how absurd American society's obsession with a virtual right to not be offended by someone else's words, Goldberg snapped back that he had “[s]poken like a true white guy.” Goldberg insisted that people “absolutely have the right” to ask people to stop using words that make them “uncomfortable.” Cain countered that “you have to be bigger than words.” In response to Goldberg arguing that people “do have the absolute right” to tell people not to use certain words Cain replied “We’d all be out of business. Everyone’s offended all of the time!”

Actor/comedian Russell Brand just keeps promoting his new socialist crusade in the British press, this time in the radical-left Guardian. They love slams on capitalism from anyone, and that income inequality is a sign of the “end of days.”

“I can't deny that I've done a lot of daft things while I was under the capitalist fugue, some silly telly, soppy scandals, movies better left unmade,” Brand wrote. “I've also become rich. I don't hate rich people; Che Guevara was a rich person. I don't hate anyone, I judge no one, that's not my job.” (Naturally, a few paragraphs later he judges a tax evader as an "a***-hole.") He doesn’t like the charge of hypocrisy:

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto told him to shut up, but British actor/comedian Russell Brand announced on BBC Newsnight that British prime minister  "David Cameron says profit isn't a dirty word, well I say profit is a filthy word."  Celebrity Net Worth says Brand is worth $15 million, and could more than double that in his divorce settlement with pop star Katy Perry. 

Brand insisted on "massive redistribution of wealth" and  profit "hugely reduced," so why not start with actors? (Video below)

With the start of the Bradley Manning court martial, a number of famous and not-so famous Hollywood liberals have released a video in support of their hero.

It includes the likes of Oliver Stone, Russell Brand, Peter Sarsgaard, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Moby, Tom Morello, Wallace Shawn, and the perilously liberal so-called journalists Matt Taibbi, Phil Donahue, and Chris Hedges (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

British actor Russell Brand made a disgustingly sexist and misogynistic comment about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin Saturday.

The Wrap reported moments ago that during a question and answer session at the Television Critics Association, Brand said of Palin's popularity, "People want to f--k her."

In the latest marriage-disdaining cover story in the Sunday newspaper supplement Parade Magazine, pop star Katy Perry wore a glittery Uncle Sam hat and blue blouse over the words “Yankee Doodle Katy: Katy Perry Celebrates Her Independence.” They're touting independence, as in her divorce from tawdry British actor/comedian Russell Brand after a whole 14 months of marriage. Apparently, he's the British autocrat in this analogy.

Somehow, Parade lunged to associate pride in America with gay rights and Barack Obama:

As NewsBusters reported, Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards presentation was filled with some disgraceful pro-Obama, anti-Republican moments courtesy of host British comedian Russell Brand.

Amazingly, things could have been much worse, for censors forced Brand to cut some even more disgusting comments, including one about Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin putting her pregnant daughter Bristol in an electric chair "for being a slut."

I kid you not.

As reported by the London Daily Telegraph Wednesday (h/t NBer Thomas Stewart):