Legendary conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh received an honor of a lifetime when President Donald Trump presented him with the Medal of Freedom at Tuesday’s State of the Union address. But his haters in the liberal media couldn’t let Limbaugh – who just announced he is battling advanced lung cancer – have this one heartwarming moment for his family and millions of fans to savor without attacking him as an undeserving racist. 

It really, really bothered Washington Post deputy editor of the Morning Mix, Timothy Bella, that Rush Limbaugh received the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday during President Donald Trump's State of the Union address.  It irked him so much that in his long article he kept returning over and over to the theme that Limbaugh was somehow not worthy of the award in comparison to other who received it.


With NBC need of a panic room on Tuesday night after President Trump’s State of the Union and CBS needing a thank you card from Trump, ABC came down closer to the peacock network. For ABC, they repeatedly harped on the “political” President honoring the “controversial and divisive” and “racist” Rush Limbaugh to what they deemed a slap in the face to the Tuskegee Airmen Trump hailed earlier in his speech.

NBC News reacted Tuesday night with disdain, disgust, and arguably venom toward President Donald Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address, kvetching that it was “campaign-like,” “confrontation,” “extraordinarily political,” “incredibly raucous,” “partisan,” and responsible for having created a “poisonous...atmosphere” in the House chamber. And of course, there was plenty of invective hurled at both the President and conservative talk radio host and icon Rush Limbaugh, who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom a day after his cancer diagnosis.

Cruel media leftists absolutely cannot stand Rush Limbaugh having a joyful moment even after his late-stage cancer diagnosis. President Donald Trump invited conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh as one of his guests of honor at Tuesday's State of the Union Address.


A day after conservative talk radio host and icon Rush Limbaugh announced that he had been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, Limbaugh and wife Kathryn were in Washington as guests of honor in First Lady Melania Trump’s box during President Donald Trump’s Tuesday evening State of the Union Address. In addition to addressing Limbaugh directly, Trump surprised Limbaugh and the audience by revealing that not only would Limbaugh receive the Presidential Media of Freedom, but that it would be done immediately. 

After talk radio host Rush Limbaugh disclosed on Monday that he had been diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer, on Tuesday, NBC’s Today show just couldn’t resist the urge to snipe at the conservative icon. In the midst of a report on the troubling health news, a vicious tweet was featured of a left-wing celebrity claiming that Limbaugh “doesn’t think poor people deserve” medical care.

In the several hours after conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh announced his cancer diagnosis, influential conservatives have each taken a moment to thank the man who has inspired and led the movement for decades. Limbaugh, the 69-year-old host of the Rush Limbaugh Show and radio broadcast Hall of Famer revealed the devastating news of his “advanced lung cancer” diagnosis on February 3.

Sadly, not even lung cancer diagnoses are enough to escape the bitter taste of partisan politics. Only a couple of short hours after legendary conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh revealed his diagnosis of an advanced stage of lung cancer, media publications and media figures began to get their digs in on the man because of his massive decades-spanning conservative influence.

In the 1 pm Eastern hour on Friday, Rush Limbaugh shared a new soundbite from Chuck Todd on NBC, complaining that the lesson of this failing impeachment attempt is that if you're popular enough, you can "essentially bulldoze the Constitution." Replied Rush: "This is the sound of utter futility! The sound of total frustration!"

In the cascade of attention swirling around the death of General Suleimani, there was another story out there - a very significant media story - that has a major impact for America. It was a press release that began this way: "IHeartMedia Extends Partnership with Rush Limbaugh." 

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