Is there any stereotype that leftists like to push more than that all Republicans are racist? Or neo-Nazis? What better way than to do that than through a bunch of rural white supremacists driving pick-up trucks suppressing black voters?

After an interview of Pam Geller on New Day on Thursday, CNN’s At This Hour followed up with a testy interview of Geller’s colleague Robert Spencer, who ripped the media for their unwillingness to confront radical Islam: "They are trying to say you have to do what we say, you have to not do what we want, and do what we want, and if you do not, we will kill you. And the mainstream media, including CNN, is going along."

On Tuesday's At This Hour, CNN's John Berman wondered if American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), which organized the Muhammad cartoon conference that was attacked by two Islamists on Sunday, was only provoking more terrorist violence by planning to hold similar events in the future. Berman asked AFDI vice president Robert Spencer, "By holding more events, then, I suppose you could continue to say, are you looking for more violence to keep on making this point?"