In Tuesday's contentious runoff contest, senator Thad Cochran, a Republican who has represented Mississippi since his first election in 1978, defeated Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel in part because the “open primary” allowed African-American Democrats to cast ballots in the GOP contest.

 As a result, John King -- host of CNN's Inside Politics program -- wondered during Wednesday's edition whether Cochran will simply say “Thank you” and forget the votes he received or use the victory as a “turning point” for a larger conversation within the Republican Party about issues like voting rights.

Bill Maher on Friday used Brett Favre's penis sexting incident to bash Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Christine O'Donnell, and white men.

During the "New Rules" segment of HBO's "Real Time" concerning this disgusting matter, Maher said it demonstrated "how pathetic and clueless white American males have become because the kind of guy who thinks there are women out there who just cold want to see your c--k is the same kind of guy who thinks Sarah Palin is swell and tax cuts pay for themselves."

From there, the so-called comedian went into a vulgar, six minute monologue bashing Palin - who he called a "MILF" as well as a "traditional idiot housewife" - white men, and all things conservative (video follows with transcript and commentary):