According to CNN contributor David Frum on Tuesday, the best way for Republicans to win is to mimic the actions of the British Conservative Party. Frum's Daily Beast article is bizarrely titled, "Where the Right Is Winning." Except, the right isn't winning in the United Kingdom. As the Wall Street Journal reported on September 30, "The Conservative Party has lagged behind the center-left Labour Party in opinion polls by as much as 10 percentage points or more over recent months."

During a report on Tuesday's NBC Today, correspondent Michelle Kosinski took gratuitous shots at Margaret Thatcher while detailing funeral plans for the former British prime minister who died Monday: "...many feel this is appropriate that it will not be a state funeral because she remains so controversial....How controversial is Thatcher still today? Glasgow, jubilant dancing in the streets." [Listen to the audio or watch the video after the jump]

The same networks that piled on Mitt Romney for highlighting questions about security for the Olympics have now rediscovered serious problems at the London games. Last Friday, CBS and NBC played up tabloid coverage of Romney as "Mitt the Twit." On Monday, however, Good Morning America's Amy Robach briefly noted, "Well another embarrassment for security at the Olympics. Someone lost a set of keys for Wembley Stadium, which is hosting soccer matches."

To media, only conservatives guilty of ‘unilateralism.’

Happily married British superstars give birth to baby girl; UK environmentalists cry selfish.

"The Beckhams are breeding! The Beckhams are breeding!" That's the latest battle cry that can be heard over in the UK with the news that David and Victoria Beckham have just welcomed a fourth child into the world. While that is happy news to most people, leave it to environmentalists, lefty politicians and media outlets to question the Beckhams' bundle of joy. It is, according to these critics, irresponsible to continue having children.

On Monday's Democracy Now broadcast, taxpayer-subsidized Pacifica Radio anchor Amy Goodman promoted a newspaper column in the Daily Telegraph by the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, suggesting that George W. Bush should be arrested if he lands in Great Britain on his book tour, much like former Chilean dictator Agosto Pinochet, put under house arrest in London in 1998.

Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds employed sarcastic irony this morning when he wrote that "Obama’s hate speech is promoting violence against BP." Well, it's at least clear that the blame game out of Washington isn't helping the situation.

"Obama's intelligent speech in Cairo has had a big impact in the Muslim world, and it is obvious that it is his presence in the White House – far more than any BBC broadcast – that is giving hope to the demonstrators in Tehran...I do not believe it could possibly have happened had John McCain been elected...Who knows whether [the Iranian protestors] will succeed, but we can safely say that the BBC and Barack Obama have done more to change Iran than Fox News and George W Bush." So wrote London's mayor in an astonishing display of Obama Derangement Syndrome Monday.