Capital Times: "Limbaugh Should Be Ashamed, But Isn't"

Taking their cue from big mainstream media, other outlets are joining in the fun by unabashedly bashing talk-show host Rush Limbaugh.

The editor of Madison, Wisconsin's Capital Times checked in today with his offering: "Plain talk: Limbaugh should be ashamed, but isn't." Dave Zweifel's column starts objectively enough:

"Rush Limbaugh may not be this country's most disgusting human being, but he surely ranks among the top 10." Mr. Limbaugh, we learn, is part of "the well-honed Republican attack machine" that so viciously attacks liberal Democrats.

Zweifel additionally notes: "The pity of it all is that all too many Americans fall for these tactics of character assassination."

Character assassination is something with which Zweifel is intimately acquainted. Five years ago, he examined the relationship between White House reporters and President George W. Bush and - amazingly - introduced Adolph Hitler into the equation.

As reported by, Zweifel wrote:

"I swear that if this current bunch of supposed White House reporters were covering Adolf Hitler back in the early days of his administration, they'd be writing glowing accounts of how successful the German chancellor was in achieving his goals.

"'There was some concern that he'd have a difficult time convincing the country that it needed to do away with the Jews,' they'd write. 'But it's apparent that he has been able to control the agenda. It's a crowning accomplishment of his first days in office.'"

"All right, that's a bit hyperbolic, but it underscores just how uncritical and fawning the Washington press corps has become since W entered the White House."

The press was just so terribly uncritical and fawning when reporting on President Bush?

I must have missed that 15 minutes.

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