Rivera’s Rambling Rant Against Republicans

On last night's syndicated Fox show, Geraldo At Large, Geraldo Rivera went on a rambling rant on issues meant to motivate Democrats to the polls and then urged his viewers: "Don't forget to vote." Rivera railed against the President's signing of  the "dumb" and "dishonest," immigration bill, the "outrageous" RNC ad against Harold Ford, "meant to stir up racist fears," and even repeated his charge about a Big Oil price conspiracy.

The following is the entire October 26th final commentary from Rivera that, with the exception of his reference to Madonna, focused on anti-Republican themes:

Geraldo Rivera: "With the election just two weeks away and Republicans in danger of losing their control of Congress, President Bush buckled today, holding his nose and signing a really dumb, maybe even dishonest, bill, authorizing 700 miles of new fencing along the U.S.-Mexican border. That meaningless and inflammatory legislation is just one of the things really bugging me today."

[Clip of Jay Leno: "Actually they were testing this virtual fence along the Mexican-U.S. border. In fact we have footage of them testing the virtual fence. Ellen turn on the camera, okay now watch. You see, now you see, there, now see there's the guy. He's trying to get in."]

Rivera: "Leno's right Mr. President, it's a bunch of bull. This bill is nothing more than a desperate grab for the Minuteman vote. It doesn't even authorize a single dime to actually build the damn fence, which I consider an insult to every Hispanic person in the country. It's just a ploy to give anti-immigration candidates a meaningless accomplishment to brag about. What happened Mr. President to your much more humane and balanced immigration reform policy? Did your advisers convince you that compassion doesn't pay? And speaking of compassion."

[Clip of Madonna: "I feel like the media is doing a great disservice to all the orphans of Africa, period."]

Rivera: "Another thing bugging me today is the fury over Madonna's adoption of the little African kid. How many critics really gave any though to children like David before Madonna stepped up to the plate? The only critique I have is her phony accent."

[Madonna: "And because I'm financing a documentary about orphans in Malawi-"]

Rivera: "Does having a British husband make all blue-collar chicks from Michigan sound like Princess Di? And talking about chicks, did you check out the slutty bleached-blonde with the bare shoulders hired by the Republican National Committee to smear the Democratic Senate candidate Harold Ford down in Tennessee?

[Woman in ad: "Harold call me."]

Rivera: "The outrageous ad is obviously designed to stir up racist fears about black men and white women as Congressman Ford campaigns to become Tennessee's first black senator since Reconstruction. And finally it's gas prices again. Hyped up during the summer to over $3.00 a gallon. Well today ExxonMobil, which last year reported the biggest annual profit of any company in U.S. history reported the second highest quarterly profit in American history. I ask the same thing I did yesterday, if you owned a Big Oil company wouldn't you sacrifice a little short-term profit to get politicians friendly to Big Oil elected two weeks from now?"

[Unidentified man: "Profit is not a dirty word. ]

Rivera: "Don't forget to vote. That's it for us, until next time, thanks for watching."

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