Matthews: RNC Ford Ad Plays to Fears of 'Losing White Women to Black Guys'

On last night's Hardball, Chris Matthews hinted at what he had in mind regarding the ad the RNC ran in Tennessee about Dem senatorial candidate Harold Ford, Jr. Claimed Chris:

"It has ethnic overtones, sexual overtones."

Tonight, Matthews took an ugly, explicit leap down into the atavistic mud. Interviewing Sen. Dick Durbin [D-IL] - who was relatively reserved in his comments - Matthews began by asserting that the RNC's goal in running the ad was to "get their point across to perhaps angry white voters, or people who had a problem with a black senator already."

Later, Matthews embraced the absolutely worst stereotype of a racist South, claiming the RNC was:

"playing on white sensitivities about losing white women to black guys. It was so obvious what they were doing there."

I'd encourage readers to view the ad at Michelle Malkin's site here, and judge for themselves. In my opinion, if anyone is doing his worst to stir racial animosity, it is Chris Matthews.

Aside: earlier in the show, Matthews argued that the Iraq war was intrinsically misconceived since "anybody who studied history for two weeks would have known that Third World countries don't like being invaded by white people from the west." Looks like Matthews has really got it in for The Man!

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