Another Conservative Blogger Banned By YouTube

In an example of a disturbing pattern previously reported by NewsBusters, another conservative blogger has been banned by the video portal YouTube. In this instance, the banished party is none other than our friend at Ms Underestimated, who posted the following screen capture at her website on Saturday:

This notice came within 48 hours of Ms U posting the following screen capture at her blog of a new “inappropriate content” flag concerning "hate speech" now in effect at YouTube as reported by NewsBusters Friday:

Is there any connection? Well, on Saturday, I sent an e-mail message to Ms U asking if she had received any explanation as to why she was banned, or if she had gotten any warning that she was about to have her account terminated if she didn’t cease an offending behavior. Her response: “Nope on all counts.. not at all.”

So, is it now not only verboten to express anti-terrorist sentiments at YouTube, but also to point out new procedures implemented by the portal to block such videos from being posted? Stay tuned.

UPDATE: In response to a question from our reader named "Sarcasmo," Ms U has sent me an e-mail message stating the following:

I posted that about "YouTube Is Up to Something" on the 19th. Because I can't access my YT account, I can't tell definitively if I have uploaded anything to YouTube, but my answer is "no." If I upload something to YouTube, I normally post about it at the same time. So my answer is "no" I didn't upload any more videos to YouTube after I made that post.

As such, it appears that Ms U's YouTube account was indeed terminated for pointing out the company's new flagging policy concerning hate speech. Stay tuned.

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