Rosie O'Donnell Reveals Couric Joined Her Plus Bill and Hillary Backstage with Streisand

On Thursday's The View on ABC, lead quad-host Rosie O'Donnell disclosed that Barbra Streisand invited her backstage following the Bush-bashing singer's concert the night before, and she was joined in the special access by Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric. How cozy.

O'Donnell opened the October 12 program, aired live at 11am EDT, by giddily singing: “I saw Barbra! Again last night!” She added in a near whisper: “She was fantastic!” O'Donnell soon proceeded to excitedly recount how all week she's been attending Streisand's New York City concerts, which she didn't mention feature Streisand mocking and attacking President Bush, and finally got to go backstage on Wednesday night:

“I just want to say it was fantastic and I'm having the time of my life. It literally is like my childhood dream came true and I was actually backstage in her dressing room for the first time last night. She's invited me, but I always feel a little weird 'cause I don't want to frighten her. But from the stage, she saw me in the front row -- this is my third concert, she's only had five -- she goes 'oh, hi, how are you?' And then she sang another line, she goes 'why don't you come back and say hello after the concert?' I was like [excited scream] 'ahhhhhhhh!' And I did. And Sara Jessica [presumably Parker] was there, and Katie Couric and Bill and Hillary.”

In the next segment, ABC put up a huge picture of O'Donnell with Streisand. O'Donnell jumped up, put her hands over her chest as she sighed and then ran back to the photo and pretended to hug Streisand.

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