Remembering Rather's Contrast on Texans at Conventions

Some of us at MRC HQ feel old now remembering just a while back to 1988. Rich Noyes used his funny Dan Rather impression over the phone this morning on my commute, reading Rather on July 18, 1988, as he put it in today's blog: “Ann Richards, state treasurer of Texas, asked to stand and deliver at the Democratic National Convention, and does so. Among other things, a scalpel-style attack on George Bush, describing the Vice President as a man ‘born with a silver foot in his mouth,’ who, to quote her, ‘wants a job he can’t be appointed to’ finally.”

In a case of what might be called dueling Rathers -- although I don't do impressions very well -- I recalled that at the 1996 GOP convention, Rather introduced another Texas female politician, Kay Bailey Hutchison, with this related Tool Time intro: “She's expected to hit President Clinton, rhetorically, with everything short of a tire tube." Democrats use scalpels like fine surgeons. Republicans are brutish neighborhood bullies. 

Getting old, but not so old that the memory’s gone. Has the ’88 convention become one of those nobody-remembers-Rick-Astley moments?

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