The NewsBusters Weekly Recap: September 16 to 22

This week was almost officially Bill Clinton Week, as he grants a round of interviews to surround his annual meeting for the Clinton Global Initiative. The event gave NBC viewers the opportunity to wonder: would Meredith Vieira be tougher on First Lady Laura Bush than she was with the man Rush Limbaugh calls Der Schlickmeister? Check it out. (Mark Finkelstein made bloggers like NRO's Stephen Spruiell laugh with his take.)

Clinton made "Daily Show" jokester Jon Stewart sit up and try to look serious and ask those tough questions like what's "fun" for Clinton. (Is that a trick question?) Stewart was also quite serious about trashing Robert Novak. Maybe he heard about Novak's comments

As the fall campaign season sinks in, the networks are steering pretty clear of campaign coverage. Brent Baker did learn some "Republican" women hailed on ABC as switching parties weren't exactly Republican. Noel Sheppard noted a lot of bias by omission.

Another sign of liberal-media anxiety was seeing oil company conspiracies to elect Republicans in declining gas prices. Among the conspiracy theorists: NBC's Brian Williams and CNN's Bill Schneider.

Viet Cong spies in the American media may be a mirror for AP photographers lining up with the enemy.

On the celebrity beat, Dennis Miller told Bill Maher to grow up, Bill Maher missed dear sweet William Jefferson Clinton, and Rosie O'Donnell may be driving her Republican foil on "The View" to tears.

Finally, Stunt of the Week honors are a race between Katie Couric's shadowy illegal-alien "freeSpeech" commentator on CBS and MSNBC's Don Imus ruining some perfectly typical anti-Bush media bias by comparing Bush to the BTK serial killer.

Media Bias Debate
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