Non-persons Against Ahmadinejad

If 35,000 people were to show up and rally against a speech President Bush right across the street from him, that would surely be news. Thousands of people, led by a few political figures such as Jesse Jackson, Noam Chomsky, and others protesting a world leader they consider to be a threat should be news if only because of the proximity.

Change the scenario to include thousands of demonstrators against Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, though, and you see another perfect portrait of media bias according to Meryl Yourish (h/t Instapundit):

Can you find a news source for the rally against Ahmadinejad at the
UN yesterday? Correction: Can you find a non-Jewish media source, or a
non-blogger source, for the rally?

I can’t. Except for the New York Sun.

I checked AP. Nothing. Reuters. Nada. I checked Google News.
Nothing. 1010WINS. Nothing. I checked WABC, NY1, all the New York media
sites. Gridlock alerts are the only thing you can find about the march.
After all, it’s not newsworthy. The fact that 2,000 people marched a day earlier to protest the Iraq war? Oh, yeah, that made the news.

35,000 people protesting
against a man who wants to “wipe Israel from the map”? Not newsworthy
at all. John Bolton speaking? Who? Elie Wiesel? George Pataki? Who?

Protesters Iran
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