Jon Stewart Live in DC: Post Says Crowd Loved the Bush-Bashing

"Daily Show" fake news anchor Jon Stewart appeared live over the weekend at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland, just north of DC. Monday's Washington Post reported the crowd gleefully greeted the Bush and Cheney mockery:

Stewart was perhaps at his best when skewering both sides of the political aisle, at which point -- as the comic urged both sides to just "be reasonable!" -- the event felt like one big ideological love-in. And when the William and Mary grad quickly slid into his impersonations of Bush and Cheney (the latter evoking the "Batman" villain the Penguin), "Daily Show" die-hards -- like music concertgoers hearing the first few bars or beats of a song -- erupted with gleeful recognition.

Michael Cavna, the Post's reviewer, concluded with the ideological love-in point: "When Stewart wrapped up the love fest by thanking the packed crowd at length, somehow it felt like genuine, heartfelt mutual admiration." I suppose it ought to provide glee to liberals with a ticket price of $40 to $75 a pop. The Washington Examiner pulled this notable quote from the appearance:

"The Pope is the most respected man no one listens to."

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