Olbermann’s 9-11 Bounce Ends Making Him a One Rant Wonder

There appears to be no joy in libville tonight, sports fans. The huge bounce in viewers that the Great Left Hope – aka Keith Olbermann of MSNBC – enjoyed after his much maligned tirade against President Bush on the fifth anniversary of 9/11 has dissipated as quickly as a campaign promise by one of the politicians he so reveres.

As reported by TVNewser, Olby’s newly born faithful must have found something better to do Wednesday night – as if they had limited options – for his total number of viewers declined by almost 200,000, or a whopping 28 percent from Tuesday. And, as is typically the case, Olby trailed the pack of cable news programs in the 8PM EST time slot, once again getting trounced by Paula Zahn, Nancy Grace, and, especially Bill O’Reilly who garnered more than four times the viewers as the K-man. Nice job, Keith!

This news has left liberal bloggers around the country speechless – a condition we can only hope is permanent given the amount of hate mail being received by yours truly of late! – especially given the efforts of many of the left’s marquee names to pump up the volume of KO’s devotees. Unfortunately, it appears that those who have been called for duty didn’t like what they saw Tuesday night, and, as a result, chose to wash their hair the next evening instead of enduring one second more of Olby's odiousness.

Of course, as Scarlett O’Hara once correctly opined, tomorrow is indeed another day. And, for the Olbermeister, tomorrow is a day to go on the friendly confines of the “Today” show to be truly challenged by some intellectual heavyweights. Maybe discussing global warming with Meredith Vieira and Timon the Meerkat will help Olby’s ratings next week, and prevent him from becoming just another one rant wonder…although I doubt it.

Finally, a special thank you goes out to all my new, extraordinarily tolerant and exceedingly eloquent fans from Daily Kos. My family has had a marvelous time reading all your good tidings courteously sent by the miracle of electronic mail to my lap top. It’s really wonderful to be so touched by the kindness of strangers, not to sound too much like Blanche DuBois.

Of course, many of these messages are just fibs. After all, a liberal’s charm is 50 percent illusion.

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