Our Cowardly Press

YES, MR. BALLAS, I CALLED YOU A COWARD!Once again, here's a dramatic picture of our press, embedded with the enemy as usual.

Notice, however, how many "innocent civilians" this man is surrounding himself with, while firing at Israeli troops.

The Israelis, of course, will not fire back, as the likelihood of them hitting any number of people behind this coward is too high. Our cowardly photojournalist, of course, reports the official terrorist line:—11 "unarmed" Palestinians were injured.

(Note: Content has been re-written now that I've cooled off some.)

Of course, our intrepid photographer doesn't seem to mention the armed terrorists that are using these unarmed civilians as cover! This is what I mean when I say that terrorists are cowards who hide behind civilians. Muslim terrorists, the IRA, it doesn't matter. They're all guilty. What makes this infuriating is that the high and vaunted press—which collectively reminds us daily that they, and only they are impartial—refuse to describe these actions in an honest manner, instead accepting and parroting the Hezbullah/Hamas party line of "Dead Peace-Seeking Civilians Massacred By Zionist Invaders."

I know I've described (initially) this incident in very incendiary terms. I'm not trying to excuse my fury. The press, though, is inexcusable for being complicit in the murder—by support and advocacy—of otherwise innocent life.

I've been told by readers, via e-mail, and have otherwise heard from "peace-loving" Muslims in my personal life, that Israel's imperialism and occupation has caused this violent reaction.

My response to this attitude is thus:—If you view the "unjust" occupation of an area of land so infintessimally small as southern Lebanon (the Shebaa Farms) is sufficient reason to justify murdering innocent civilians by remote control, then you are part of the problem. Do you want Israel and the United States to withdraw from the area? Fine. You'll quickly find that these areas remain lawless bastions of murder and death, even without all of the billions of dollars of foreign aid that pours into the region (and is siphoned off into the bank accounts of terrorists).

This is the enemy, folks. There is nothing civilized about this, and there should be no negotiations with monsters like this!

And yes, Mr. Ballas, I called YOU a coward.

The same goes for the cowards at the Associated Press that continue to employ propagandists such as yourself.

Shame on all of you.

UPDATE 14:53 EST: In a brief update, I neglected to mention that Mr. Ballas has been deeply embedded with the enemy for quite some time now. He seems to have developed quite a knack for capturing these human shields, hard at work...

Cross-posted at Snapped Shot, with more photographs by our unbiased photographer, deeply embedded with the enemy.

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