MRC and NB, Your Katie Couric Resource

To mark Katie Couric's debut in the Dan Rather chair in media bias at the "CBS Evening News," please consult "Meet the Real Katie Couric," MRC's new Special Report on Couric's very tilted career.

And see our topic page dedicated to all our Couric blogs, including Brent Baker's report from a rebroadcast of the Aspen Ideas Festival, where she declared, without the laugh track she deserved, "I know that I've tried my best through my career to ask challenging questions to whomever I'm speaking, and whether it's a Republican or a Democrat."

Our bloggers' reviews of Katie's first show are just coming in: Mark Finkelstein and Greg Tinti have commented thus far. See Brent Baker's video summary here. Couric is also looking for suggestions for her new sign-off. Take part in the NewsBusters discussion of the subject here.

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