Journos Blame Israel for Faulty Mideast Coverage

At a recent journalists convention in Israel, the assembled representatives of the world's elite media realized that press's coverage of the recent war in Lebanon has been flawed. And that it was Israel's fault. See NRO's Media blog for details, then read the rest of this article (h/t LGF):

In short, much of the most incendiary
media coverage of this war seems to have been either staged or
fabricated. The big question is why the western media would perpetrate
such institutionalised mendacity. Many ancillary reasons come to mind.
There is the reliance upon corrupted news and picture agencies which
employ Arab propagandists as stringers and cameramen. There is the herd
mentality of the media which decides collectively what the story is.
There is the journalists’ fear for their personal safety if they report
the truth about terrorist outfits. There is the difficulty of
discovering the truth from undemocratic regimes and terrorist
organisations. There is the language barrier; there is professional
laziness; there is the naïve inability to acknowledge the depths of
human evil and depravity; there is the moral inversion of the left
which believes that western truth-tellers automatically tell lies,
while third world liars automatically tell the truth.

But the big answer is that the western media transmit the lies of
Hezbollah because they want to believe them. And that’s because the Big
Lie these media tell — and have themselves been told — about Israel and
its place in history and in the world today has achieved the status of
unchallengeable truth. The plain fact is that western journalists were
sent to cover the war being waged against Israel from Lebanon as a war
being waged by Israel against Lebanon. And that’s because that’s how
editors think of the Middle East: that the whole ghastly mess is driven
by Israel’s actions, and that therefore it is only Israel’s aggression
which is the story to be covered. Thus history is inverted, half a
century of Jewish victimisation is erased from public consciousness,
victims are turned into aggressors and genocidal mass murderers turned
into victims, and ignorance and prejudice stalk England’s once staunch
and stalwart land.

That’s why the fact that hundreds of thousands of refugees from the
north of Israel fled to the shelter of strangers in the south; that
within one third of Israel, those too poor or old or handicapped or
disadvantaged to seek refuge elsewhere were forced to live in shelters
for a month in great hardship; that the entire economy of northern
Israel was effectively shut down for a month; that thousands of rockets
were fired at northern Israel, hundreds every day, many times more than
were daily fired at Britain during the Blitz — that’s why none of this
was reported in Britain (where as a result such facts, when now
related, are received with open-mouthed astonishment) because
journalists were told to ignore it all since that wasn’t the story
their editors wanted. Israel’s victimisation simply was not, could not,
be the story. The only story was Israel’s aggression. But that story is
a Big Lie. So a host of lies were transmitted to support it.

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