Not Even Phoning It In

and Allah
are all over this example of just how lazy Hezbollah has become in
their efforts to provide fake news. The official Hezbollah
web site

(with an appropriate Iranian URL) is showing a picture of a ship being
ripped apart in an explosion. Hezbollah claims that the ship was an
Israeli ship hit by a Hezbollah missile.

The top picture below is the photo as shown on Hezbollah's site.

And Hezbollah did hit an Israel ship, the
INS Hanit, a Saar
5 class missile boat
, most likely with an Iranian-made C-701
"Kosar" type missile, on July 14, 2006.

The bottom picture is the INS Hanit (photo credit: Sweetness
& Light


Note the damage (most noticeably the scorch marks) near the
waterline directly under the Hanit's
helicopter hanger, roughly three-quarters of the way to the stern. Note
also that while the ship was reported to have serious internal damage
and four Israeli sailors died in the attack, the ship is largely
intact, the keel unbroken, and the ship otherwise, from this view,
externally undamaged, where the ship in the Hezbollah photo to has
literally been broken by the blast, the aft half of the ship behind the
explosion several degrees out of alignment with the fore.

The two ships, as noticed
by Andrew Bolt
of the Australian Herald-Sun,
are not nearly the same.

HMAS Torrens, a decommissioned Australian
destroyer escort, was purposefully sunk
in a torpedo test
on June 14, 1999. If you look at first
picture in the second row on this
it becomes quite likely that Hezbollah stole the image from this
wikipedia entry, cropped it, and then enlarged it to get their end

A ship built in the mid 1960s and decommissioned in 1971 is not
going to be mistaken for a modern vessel launched in 1994.

Of course, seeing is believing.

The INS Hanit (picture mirrored 180
degrees from above for comparative purposes):


HMAS Torrens, just prior to the torpedo


Not even close. You would expect that a recently unemployed
Adnan Hajj would have been make it at least this close:


These days, Hezbollah isn't even phoning it in.

Update: Blue Crab Boulevard uncovers more
Hezbollah pictures

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