Howard Kurtz Radio Topics Don't Include Reutergate

The ratings for the fledgling Washington Post Radio are not impressive, so this may not mean much, but when Bob Kur interviewed Post media reporter Howard Kurtz today for about ten minutes at 6:20 pm, neither man said a word about the Reuters photo fiasco. The primary topic was the Lieberman-Lamont race (where at least Kurtz mentioned the Hamsher blackface incident). Isn't he the media reporter, not a political reporter? The second topic was a Sunday story on Prince George's County Chairman Jack Johnson, as Kurtz remembered how he worked in the olden days in the paper's PG County bureau in Upper Marlboro.

Up after Howard Kurtz was Larry King, whose CNN show will now be simulcast live on Washington Post Radio. Reuters didn't come up there either, as Kur was regaling the audience with how he used to meet Larry in the supermarket in McLean. Is it really such a mystery why the ratings aren't impressive yet?

Washington Post Adnan Hajj/Reutergate
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