Stephanopoulos Wimps Out in Questioning Lamont About Lieberman ‘Black Face’ Picture

Imagine if you will a conservative writer with links to Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania) posting a picture at his blog of Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania) in black face. Days later, Santorum goes on ABC’s “This Week” to discuss the campaign. How much do you think Santorum would be grilled over this issue? Probably rather intensely, yes?

Well, on Sunday, Ned Lamont, the Connecticut millionaire that is trying to defeat Sen. Joe Lieberman in Tuesday’s senatorial primary, was Stephanopoulos’ guest (hat tip to Hot Air with video link available here). Although the host challenged Lamont about his knowledge of the blogs that are backing him, he never actually mentioned the blogger in question, nor did he refer to the picture. Instead, the following is the actual transcript of this exchange:


Your campaign has really been fueled by the net roots, it's called, the liberal blogs who have really taken on the war as their cause. And just - yet just a couple of days ago when one of those blogs took off after Senator Lieberman you were asked about it and you said, I don't know anything about those blogs. That wasn't really true, was it?


Look, there are hundreds of blogs out there on every single subject there is. Many of the blogs are supportive of us. I don't control what these people put on these things. But, yeah, there was one post I thought was terribly unfortunate. I found out about it and we said that should go, that should stop. This is an election that's gonna be civil. It's gonna be on the issues. I'm saying that to anybody that pretends to be a supporter of the Lamont campaign and I hope the Senator is saying that to all of his supporters, as well. I think it's important.

And that was that. From there, Stephanopoulos dropped this matter entirely, and asked Lamont, “Who is your political role model?”

Think that would have happened if Lamont was a Republican, or would the picture in question be shown, and the candidate required to explain his or her connection to the blogger, and whether that connection had been severed as a result?

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