A Closer Look at Qana

If the Israeli "massacre" at Qana turns out to be yet another fraud, you can count on the media to quietly let the story slip away, a contrast from the media fireworks that were present when the story was announced. A simple "we were wrong" is is much more embarrassing than hoping everyone will forget the original hype.

Pipeline News has a good summary of the latest information.

To recount:

  • The death count at Kana was wildly inflated and reported as fact without any ability of the media to confirm its figures.
  • The Israeli Air Force was not responsible for the collapse of the building in question.
  • Hezbollah had built the now demolished structure directly over an
    ammunition dump and was firing rockets South into Israel at the time of
    the IDF air strike.
  • Hezbollah carefully stage managed the filming of the entire event,
    “casualties" were paraded for maximum effect and the actual exhumation
    of the bodies was not permitted to be filmed.
  • Extremely unusual was the fact that no live “residents" were rescued,
    they were all dead. Even in the worst disasters involving collapsing
    buildings one usually finds pockets of survivors.
  • There was almost no blood, an unbelievable occurrence given that those
    killed should have died from the effects of concussion and blast
    effects as well as sustaining crushing injuries from the falling
    concrete structure all of which would have generated huge quantities of
    blood and gore.
  • The general appearance of the corpses suggests they died much earlier and under different circumstances..
  • Lastly there is the question as to why some of these victims appeared
    to have been cellophane shrink wrapped, as if they had just been
    purchased at the local Piggly Wiggly - all that was missing was the
    price tag.
  • In summation it is hard not to conclude that this was a totally staged
    event...a "massacre" created by Hezbollah knowing that it would be
    accepted outright by the U.S. - not to mention the anti-Semitic - world

    The use of civilians as human shields - and apparently worse in this case - is part of the Muslim way of warfare.

    As has been the case with the war in Iraq, the Western media is
    manifestly culpable in this process...they drive it. One might even say
    that they are the major initiatior of these frauds. They display a
    wanton blindness towards the obvious conflicts of interest involved in
    Hezbollah's media management of these types of operations which in turn
    demonstrates their own complete and total lack of integrity.

    The overwhelming majority of the main stream media is complicit
    in this process and they seem to have little in the way of qualms about
    functioning as an integral part of the Muslim disinformation machine.

    The intentional lack of curiosity by these organizations about such
    matters raises grave questions regarding their ability to fulfill their
    oft bandied about "mandate" under the First Amendment.

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